Can Sasuke and the fellow uchiha see Chakra networks?

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And if so would this make the byakugan useless in a battle against them?
If not can the Uchiha cut off chakra networks? and if so?

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hell no i dont really know but that is a good Question i never though of that but sasuke could copy neji movement maybe……..?


No that’s the Hyuga Clan’s thing, Uchihas can mimic techniques but not those that are biologically inherent to certain clans like the eyes of the Hyuga Clan which alone can use Byakugan.


i think they said at one point that the uchihas are able to see the chakra network, but only if they try really hard, and they wouldnt be able to do it during combat


It can see chackra but not the chackra networks. It is this treit that makes the byakugan more powerfull then the standerd Sharingan. The only eyes more powerfull then the byakugan is the rinen.
Some people say that sharingan is more powerfull but it is not, neji is able to stop the flow of any aponent making him one of the stongest if not the stongest close range fighter


No, they can just see chakra, like the chakar in Deidara’s bombs. Just things like that. It also helps them to copy movements and jutsus. And the 3 top doujutsu are 3. Byakugan, 2. Sharingan and
And the sharingan IS above the byakugan. think about it:
~see chakra networks
~stop chakra flow
~Very strong genjutsus
~Can see chakra
~ And when strong enough can controll the NINE-TAILS.
Is my point clear? It should.
Also the Rinnegan is the top because it does three things:
1.Let’s the uses master ANY jutsu within 5 minutes.
2.Lets 4 users see the same thing. (So in other words it splits it up in a four-way vision in their minds) (Remember that pein has 6 bodys)
3.And lastly it lets the user see chackera like Sharingan, just not as well.
Hope that helped ^^


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