Home Discussion Forum Can reincarnation happen is a person is still alive?

Can reincarnation happen is a person is still alive?

could someone be reincarnated when they die into a person who is living?


  1. As an atheist, I do not accept reincarnation; I fantasize about living in past or future lives, but in that regard I am agnostic…..

  2. Not the authority on this but of one believes in such practices of souls then no this couldn’t happen unless someone believed in cohabitation of a single body by multiple souls.
    to be reincarnated you have to go into a new form of life… so a new human or maybe you believe in becoming trees or plants or other animals… but if this is a cycle and bodies are new but the soul is recycled then they have to go into a new being.
    This isn’t a problem as there are more people born than dying per second… then again then you might develop theories on new souls depending on your belief on that subject.

  3. Reincarnation is rebirth, isn’t it? The souls is reborn in a new body – it wouldn’t make sense for that soul to go from a dead body into a body that is already born and living. Wouldn’t that mean that body now has two souls?

  4. No, John 3. The spirit form above and being born of water. Its not being baptized its reincarnation. The body that is flesh, the ethereal one, the astral one.


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