Home Discussion Forum Can Reiki masters do mind tricks like Jedis?

Can Reiki masters do mind tricks like Jedis?


  1. Hehehehe, no. My Mum is a Reiki Master and although she is a little strange she can’t so mind tricks.
    Right, must go out and buy Mum some Diamonds………

  2. Hello Jared,
    Reiki masters do not do mind tricks like Jedi knights. A Reiki Master can have a stong force of will, like a samurai or a kung fu master, but they do not use them to “cloud men’s minds” or anything like that.
    Anyone with a lot of confidence in themselves can express their feelings in such a way that people can find their own opinions shifted. By the same rule, people with lots of confidence are not as likely to be talked into things they wouldn’t ordinarily do. The Jedi mind trick is simply a dramatic way of showing strong force of will.
    If you would like to learn more about what Reiki really is, feel free to check out the website referenced below.


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