Can reiki ease the horrible side effects of prescribed drugs? ?

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Hazel Homicide

hehe idk,my mum teaches it&my dad gets payed to give people riki:)
i guess its meant to ease pain.
not sure about all side affects xx


I think it would help after all the reiki practitioner transfers energy, however i don’t know much about it. There is a great website for you to visit It will give you all the info that you need/want.


Surely yes : but another question– if there is a horrible side effect why take it ? Try a homeo consultant instead!

YA Junkie

As a reiki practitioner, I try to do two things at once. I try to have my client believe that many things conventional thinking and medicine teach are not necessarilyalways the truth. In other words, many health conditions thought to be Incurable or unlikely to be cured can indeed be corrected.
On the other hand, I don’t believe in making false promises and in giving patients unrealistic expectations. Whether the issue is a minor stomachache or a major ulcer, some people respond to treatment while others do not. It’s not up to me as a practitioner. Sometimes it is not even up to the conscious mind of the client. Sometimes the ultimate outcome is up to “the universe” or to God or Spirit. Sometimes it is related to fate or karma.
All I can do is pray is for an outcome that is in the highest interest of the client. For example, a person might desire a certain job that pays a lot of money. However, that job might involve so much work and stress and may take him away from his family. So getting that job might not be in his best interests.
Other reiki practitioners may disagree, but I would not promise that reiki will necessarily ease YOUR drug side effects. However, it can’t hurt. Reiki can bring a sense of profound peace that may alleviate negative side effects. By all means, give it a try.


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