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Can Reiki be practice without attunement?"?


  1. Reiki is great when you have a level 2 Practitioner; I have been treated by a “reiki Master” and it is very helpful.
    I don’t know if they are attuned, but if they are focused, as I understand they “Tune” to a kind of, what they say as , “Universal energy”, and I found that it does work; And that has been since I was injured in a Car Accident…

  2. I had my first attunement when i was 14. It is not real, it is all made up garbage. I wish I could get my $75 back. As far as I know it cannot be practiced without and attunment, but also, as far as I know it is not real.

  3. There are types of energy work that can be done without attunement. They are not Reiki. If you want to practice Reiki, you need to find a Reiki teacher, be trained, and get attuned.
    There are also other types of energy healing, such as Shamballa, which have initiations and activations that enable you to connect to the energies.


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