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Can Rasengan (Naruto) be achieved in real life?

I believe it can by using the chakra and taking from each a little chakra energy and along with Qigong or Chi you compress it into your hand. How do you do this? Well the reason why I mention Chi in this because there is this thing you do to gather Chi inbetween your hands by putting both your hands like a sphere on your heart but not touching your heart and breathing in and out until it expands unintentionally (without the person controlling the arms and hands basically expands by itself) This Chi sphere once big enough can be used as a frame or a airball or energy ball to be filled and once it is done you take one of the arms of the sphere and gather all the chakra in that arm with the other arm holding the Chi ball/sphere and with the empty arm with the chakra gathered there you slowly begin to fill the Chi ball until it is full. Once full you compress it. There you have a real life rasengan. If this theory does work then I doubt the “Rasengan” will have colour but it will be there.


  1. Sigh…when will people realize that reality and anime are never going to cross over each other and that anime is nothing more than a cartoon? To answer your question…Nope, no, nada, ain’t gonna happen. Sorry.

  2. Chi or chakra as Naruto calls it can not manifest into physical energy, usasble energy.
    it is impossible. if it could the world would be a hell of lot different considering how long the idea of chi has existed .

  3. Yes, it is achievable indeed.
    It is also possible to do the kamehameha just like Goku does, able to destroy even planets (if you have saiyan blood).
    It is also possible to tear people to pieces in various amusing ways just like in mortal kombat.

  4. You must train. Ive been practicing it for 2 years now. I can get a water ballloon to start spinning now.
    Shidori is also possible. For this you must build up enough static electrcity in order to do.

  5. If something can not be seen, felt, or otherwise perceived by another, does it exist?
    The “chi” experiment you mentioned was something I used to do in a mentalist act I did for a while — along with mind reading, thought control, ‘eyeless’ vision. It’s a trick of the mind. The suggestion/belief/desire that there is something filling with an imagined energy pushing your hands apart causes your hands to move — The mind, in essence, makes it real, but it’s only your own internal impulses that make your arms and hands move.
    Now… Is it real? Yes, it’s a physiological response to a stimulus, internal or external. Is it some mind-generated weapon like seen in a cartoon? No. Sorry.

  6. The best that you can hope for in the real world is what is known in Korea as a state of Mushim,
    Translation:( Of No Mind ) This is accomplished through meditation, one will become so adept at it that it is like having another set of eyes in back of your head, a heightened sense around you, you fight in this state of no mind, no thinking involved just reaction to every attack. it’s truly achievable, I did it once or twice in my Tae Kwon Do past as an Instructor

  7. Chi is not a force like electromagnetic force. Even if it is, your body is not able to biologically generate that kind of energy level and compress it.
    Sorry, just not in our physics. maybe in a technologically advanced society you could have something that acts that way, but our civilization hasn’t achieved that yet.

    • Well actually things like this do exist people call it tricks or magic and you don’t seriously believe that we have figured out everything about our world and the so called “magic” is just science we don’t understand and besides if anyone were to know of this power it would be the government and you and I know they have things hiden from us.

  8. I’m a teenager, and i’ve started advancing spiritual
    powers this year, i had watched some naruto lately..
    and i was wondering if it was possible to do something
    like that, but i knew it would have color, so i went in
    my bathroom, put my hand up, and i just started making
    “spiritual energy” flow out into a ball, after i did, i noticed
    an aura around my hand through the mirror, i tried going
    closer and farther, to see if i wasn’t hallucinating. It’s
    completely possible and real 😛

  9. Well this is what i have to say about this whole situation alot of things that may or may not be possible right now were possible in the past and may be possible in the future the formation and control of chi can be obtained through hard work and concentration. The ability to manifest a physical energy through meta physics is within human potential and if you dont believe then you are ignorant to the unlimited potentials of human kind

  10. Well, I don’t know if it is possible through just an individual. You may need some sort of contraption But, I think it may be possible to gather at least half of the spiritual energy needed for one. Though remember, chakra is energy that you attain from training. And the real-world equivalent for chakra is Bilosynolosis. Which is the energy created from digested food. Even though our muscle impulses help us move, Bilosynolosis helps convince our muscles to move (if you can believe it). Without Bilosynolosis, your muscles cannot move, so if we can convince our brain to use Bilosynolosis to give a portion of it’s energy to parts of our body, then poof, there you go, a rasengan. But let me get back to what I said about not being able to do it ourselves, Bilosynolosis is a scarce source of power. Eating a healthy hearty meal only provides 7 Oz of Bilosynolosis. Thats all thats needed for moving your body. But a rasengan, that’s different, you need more Bilosynolosis for that. A rasengan might require between 60-70 Oz of Bilosynolosis. So you can see, we need a lot more Bilosynolosis. But there still is hope, in Indonesia, they are creating a vaccine that gives individuals big boosts of Bilosynolosis. The vaccine itself was designed for people whose bodies didn’t create enough Bilosynolosis. I think individuals could use that to receive enough Bilosynolosis for a rasengan. So we may not be able to create rasengans right now in our current states. But if all goes well with creating the vaccine, we may have hope. So yeah, hope that helps 🙂

    • Wrongg argghh sorry nope.true power is beliveing in urself we all can acomplish greatness with the right mind and heart but its how we live how we are controlled by money tath confuses our people to do wrong jst to get this money .i done the rasengan before belive me i promise the rasenga can b manipulated into diferentt shape and nature i turned my rasengan. Into a chidori i remember i heard like wings flaping butbut like thousand of them wow man i dint belived my self it started growing and it was bluee i belive it can be any color u have a bond wwith or favorite.

  11. Through the laws of the Multiverse anything that we know or do not know can and does exist. Can a Rasengan be achieved in the world, maybe. We can’t know for sure until it is physically proven.

    • It is possible, the only thing however is that it has no physical form. (Unless you count energy as a physical attribute and not just metaphysical) If you were to go off of sensations, it’s a ball of dense energy/ resonance. The same wind gathering effect can be reproduced. However, the amount of strain it puts on your forearm just to practice takes awhile. And, metaphysically/physically, it can make you sick, if placed near your stomach. As for burn marks, haven’t seen any nor is it near dense enough to produce heat. All of it is achieved through vigorous motion in a circular pattern. Doing so with a balloon won’t burst the rubber because it doesn’t produce enough friction or heat/ not to mention enough energy to cause the balloon to internally burst. Those proficient with energy gathering/ practice/ what have you could probably do more. Granted, take what I say with a grain of salt.

    • I can prove it i done it before call me crazy but i used to spend alot time meditating and taichi to acomplish this i dint belived myself mi whole body felt like energy all around and with my mi mind i controlled it to rasengan then i made it to a chidori becuse the rasenga its a incomplete justsu soo i just aded my element wich is lightning style. Wallaa i wouldnt be posting this if it wasnt real .

  12. I look at anime’s relation to spirit and energy in the same fasion One would look at science fiction compared to science. …Both are writing genres involving the use of a basic concept or fact, that is then taken to the furthest possible extreme of that concept.
    From the concept of anti matter, to it being used as a powerful and stable fuel source. the idea of capitoklism taken to be the societal function of an advanced species. Taking the idea of energy working, reiki, and meditation to “KAAAAAAAA-MEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!”
    The basic ideas do have some validity, but they are taken to an impossible extreme to generate excitement and entertainment. This is not to say it is invalid, just… taken up in volume to the point of ridiculousness. Sure it is fun as hell to think about, but not ever likely to happen within the boundaries of our current reality.

  13. I think we can do rasengan but we can’t see it we can just feel it and when you feel the rasengan just hit enemy I will do more dameg then a plam straik

  14. everything is possible ya know and i have achived it finally with 5 years of training like how you said to do now everyone better Believe It


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