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Can Quantum Physics not see the forest because of the trees?

Albert Einstein said, “As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.” Again he said, “Pure logical thinking cannot yield us any knowledge of this empirical world; all knowledge of reality starts from experience and ends in it. Propositions arrived at by purely logical means are completely empty as regards reality.”
It seems if it is not measureable it doesn’t exist. Consciousness is in the field of relativity, yet Quantum Physics is silent.
Consciousness has been referred as far back as recorded history. Techniques to expand consciousness are readily common in today’s world. Christopher Hills, scientist and renowned yogi master of consciousness, in his book Nuclear Evolution wrote, “There is no separation between our consciousness and what we call matter.” In this wondrous book of 1010 pages he shows how consciousness, light, space, matter and kundalini are one and the same.
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Saint Onle,
I respect your answer. Perhaps you didn’t understand the question. The relativity I am referring to is the ever changing relative field of Being. As I see it, the relative is based on the absolute field of Being; the none changing foundation of existence. I am not referring to just Quantum Mechanics but to Quantum Physics in general. In physics a quantum is the minimum unit of any physical entity involved in an interaction. The word comes from the Latin “quantus” for “how much.” We must include universal consciousness for that is where it all takes place.
I will do my best to cover in brief your answer and thank you for it because it clearly brings out the blindness I wished to bring out concerning the subject.
First and for most I totally agree with Einstein. Philosophy is an endless sport which I only play with.
Obviously your research did not include any of Christopher Hills books. They are science from beginning to end plus. Hills is the founder of the University of the Trees in Boulder Creek, Calif. Many of his students have written books also on Supersensonics the term used to cover the related fields of Radionics, Radiesthesia and conventional physics and to include a new science of vibrations Radiational Paraphysics.
The evidence of the relative field you question is found in millions of people around the world that transcend it daily.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi a former professor of physics and author of the Science of Being and Art of Living. Continue please…
Maharishi is the founder of MIU University in the US and over 1500 capitals with 350 scientific studies at 160 independent universities around the world.
Your interest in how to measure consciousness reflects ignorance of what it is. By the way I also did research on your Q&A. Your answer on how light is an electromagnetic radiation looks like it is copied from Hills book.
No one can deny Maxwell’s contribution to science. His equations demonstrated that electricity magnetism and even light are all manifestations of the same. However at one time he thought the propagation of light require a medium for the waves, dubbed the luminiferous aether. Einstein formulate the theory of special relativity and dispensed with the requirement of a luminiferous aether. Albert Michelson called it “one of the grandest generalizations of modern science”.
Too bad they both didn’t understand what consciousness is. They may have come up with the allusive Unified field Theory.


  1. Um … consciousness is even less present in relativity than it is in Quantum mechanics. In fact, relativity has absolutely nothing to do with consciousness. It speaks only of velocities and accelerations, none of which are affected by the conscious mind.

  2. So… what is your question?
    This seems more like an advertisement for an interesting… eh, ‘philosophy’.
    In any case, quantum physics is more concerned with uncovering physical reality, which may be part of your point. Quantum physics isn’t quite so concerned with psychology.

  3. Contrary to popular belief, physics (quantum or other) are not anywhere close to closing the gap between Being and the material world. We are blinded by the relative far reaches of our technologically aided perceptions (compared to yesterday) into believing that we are close to uncovering all mysteries. As usual (since the dawn of science), the eternal and infinite are not properly comprehended.

  4. it seems odd to me that you would include a quote by Einstein which directly contradicts your philosophy.
    nowhere has anyone discovered a “relative field of Being” or any evidence of it. if that is your personal belief, that’s fine, but don’t confuse it with physics (based on facts).
    in addition, no one has found any correlation between consciousness and relativity, or consciousness Quantum Physics. as a matter of fact, consciousness has nothing to do with any kind of true science. at best, the study of “consciousness” is a pseudo-science or philosphy, which cannot be combined or compared to any sort of quantitative, fact-based, evidence-seeking science.
    you say, as a consequence of Einstein’s quote, that “if it is not measureable it doesn’t exist.” so far, no one has measured “consciousness”, or an “absolute field of Being”. and what would you measure it in? “consciousness units”?
    Also, i did some research on Chistopher Hills. his theories seem to based largely on beliefs in the supernatural and not at all on experimental science. calling him a scientist is somewhat of a misnomer in this case.
    as a result, i find it hard to believe that he has found an empirical relationship between matter and consciousness. and if he has, why have the physicists today not even heard about it; it seems like that would be the find of the century.
    in addition, it is painfully obvious that these is no correlation between our consciousness and “light, space, [and] matter”. for billions of years before human life (and any life wahatsoever) and consciousness was even possible, the universe behaved exactly as it does now. simply being conscious of the universe does not change it or add to it in any way.
    i don’t know exactly what you are trying to say here, but much of your physics (including your quote by Einstein) is taken way out of context. leave physics with objective, measureable facts, and spirituality and philosophy in a different category.
    thanks for alerting me to Dr. Hills’ books, and you are correct, i had not considered them before. i have now, however, researched them quite a bit. if the “science” on which his books are based are what you refer to, then that is a grand mistake. although Dr Hills’ books include scientific principles like energy, electricity and magnetism, matter, etc… the books focus on mystical and unscientific principles. take, for example, his book “Energy, Matter & Form”. although, it sounds interesting and scientific, it claims that researchers have acheived an understanding of “Telepathy, Pyramid Energy, Aura Fields”. in addition to researching the book, i researched these phenomena as well, all of which have no scientific evidence and zero (exactly zero – i counted) peer-reviewed scientific articles.
    this also includes his work on Supersensonics, which is a completely unscientific field of study. if i may quote wikipedia “Radionics is the use of blood, hair, a signature, or other substances unique to the person as a focus to supposedly heal a patient from afar.[1] The concept behind radionics originated in the early 1900s with Albert Abrams (1864—1924), who became a millionaire by leasing radionic machines which he designed himself.[2] Radionics is not based on any scientific evidence, and contradicts the principles of physics and biology and as a result it has been classed as pseudoscience and quackery by most physicians[3]. No radionic device has been found effective in the diagnosis or treatment of any disease, and the United States Food and Drug Administration does not recognize any legitimate medical uses for such devices.[2][3][1]” yes, i realize that wikipedia is not a 100% reliable source, but i have researched the references discussed above and every one of them is from a reputable (and peer-reviewd) source.
    although you can say that “The evidence of the relative field you question is found in millions of people around the world that transcend it daily.” you have still not given any proof of its existance whatsoever, you have just restated your view. are there any experiments to test for it? (note that, if we cannot find it and experience it, your quote by Einstein tells us that it has nothing to do with reality).
    regarding the Maharishi and his univeristy, i have done research on the university and its fields of study. there are currently no degrees (or even classes, for that matter) offered in any science. the most scientific degree they offer is a degree in Maharishi Vedic Science, which is, again, not currently accepted by scientists as a science.
    additionally, the “scientific studies” which you say that they conducted have nothing to do with modern science (as demonstrated above – their methods are not accepted as science).
    you say that “[my] interest in how to measure consciousness reflects ignorance of what it is.” again, i will reference Einstein to make my point. Einstein believed that if you cannot measure it, it does not exist (or have anything to do with reality) – again, this is taken almost directly from the quote you have provided (and supported by many more of Einstein’s quotes). so, i ask, how do we measure, observe, and verify “consciousness” (other than simply saying that it exists because humans exist – this is not proof, this is a hypothesis without supporting evidence)? if we cannot, if follows directly from the principles of the scientific method, that it does not exist.
    i am not surprised that my answer looks the same as Dr Hills’. my answer was based on objective fact. if either Dr Hills or i had written something different, one of us would obviously be wrong, and it would be plain to see who the ignorant one is. Dr Hills, however, takes these facts and builds nonsense around them to create theories based on unscientific principles. regard, for example, his PI-Ray (http://www.quantumbalancing.com/pi-ray.htm,
    http://www.drhills.com/). yes, this is a simple box consisting of a copper coil, a magnet, and some other “special powdered element”. the copper coil and the magnet are easily understood by modern science, but it is the “special powdered element” which makes the box do “mystical” and “magical” things (read the description if you wish), all of which are completely unsupported by scientific evidence.
    i know that Dr Hills knows something about physics and science, but i can also see how he can use this knowledge to manipulate and create unscientific nonsense.
    yes, i fully understand Maxwell’s and Einstein’s contributions to electromagnetism and the nature of light, as well as the Michelson-Morely Experiment (which did away with the idea of the ‘aether’).
    how can you say that an understanding of consciousness can reveal the secrets to Unified Field Theory? you seem to have a pretty solid understanding of this theoretical consciousness, but i don’t see you (or anyone else, including Dr Hills and or the Maharishi) contributing anything to this field. consciousness has nothing to do with the fundamental forces of physics. but since you seem to think so, why don’t you unify physics for us? i would actually appreciate it very much, as well as every other physicist in the world. unless, of course, you cannot because consciousness is purely hypothetical and has no relation to physics.

  5. Conciousness is what Rene Descartes was aware of when he said, “I think, therefore I am.”It is detectable as a halo around our brains. Someday we no doubt will be able to quantify it and it will become “real”.

  6. The ostrich syndrome among some physicists is slowly ending for they are lifting their heads up from the sand to a new horizon.
    Physicist Fred Alan Wolf presented his writing on parallel universes and consciousness-created worlds to the scientific community. Among his many books was Star Wave: Consciousness and Quantum Physics; revised 1/25/89. (Authored subjects on quantum physics, consciousness and their relationship.)
    David Bohm, quantum physicist originated many ideas concerning consciousness-created reality and the undiscovered energy substructures. Bohm became an assistant professor at Princeton University where he worked closely with Albert Einstein. A post-graduate at Berkeley, he developed a theory of plasmas, discovering the electron phenomenon now known as Bohm-diffusion. His final work, the posthumously published The Undivided Universe: An ontological interpretation of quantum theory. (1993) on and on it goes…
    The awakening and realization of the principles underling the universe will enhance all fields of science to include the entire human race. The awakening happens in the silence of no mind during meditation. The realization for the sciences will be brought about by the exploration of the creative laws and three qualities of pure consciousness; composed of three interlacing forces of nature. In Sanskrit writings they are referred to as the three gunas: Satva Guna (intelligence, balance of opposites, harmony) from the root Sat, the radiance of being. Raja Guna (The qualities that moves energy, motion of planets, vibrating the atoms and the activity of people) the root word Rajas means to glow red with energy. Tama Guns (neutrality the force of inertia) resists motion and conserves energy. The root word Tam means to perish. When these qualities are equally balanced with each other an orgasm takes place and the creative energy pours forth on seven levels of consciousness.


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