can qigong training really help Develop how to see auras better?

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i was doing a little reading and this is the only thing i can find so far. if you know any other sites tell me i want to learn more.

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Asddio A

I don’t think so.


No, because auras really don’t exist. That is just clap-trap wrapped up in mystical sounding nonsense.
People who “see auras” really are just demonstrating eye-fatigue. If you stare at a dark object in a bright room, you’ll see a light afterimage when you look away. There is a really small electrical field around our bodies that takes specialized equipment to see, but that amounts to static charges around the body. Nothing really mystical there.

Robin W

No. There are no auras. If someone says they can see them, they are deluded. If someone told me my “aura” was a certain color, I should be able to see it, too. Color is the visible part of the spectrum. I once tested people who said they could see auras. They each saw a different color. This indicates that they are imagining it, not seeing it.

Chris D.

each persons perspective on auras is different. it all depends on the person thats seeing the aura. different people tell you different colors because its unique to the person. did you ever try asking them what the colors ment? what do you think of when you see the color blue? i think of power. most would say blue is when someone is calm but depending on the persons perspective on the color it can meen anything. so one person can say blue is your aura and another can say yellow and they can both meen happy. hope that helps.


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