Can psychics predict the future of wars?

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I just keep getting this feeling in my gut that as soon as we start pulling out troops out of Iraq, we’re going to start placing them in other military bases throughout the rest of the world because I just feel something is starting a boil. Almost like a chess game, the world leaders are planning their strategies for attacks. I feel Russia will also be involved in this, but not as our allies but our enemies.
Please, if anyone is a psychic who can predict the future of wars, please comment.

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You’re employing sound inductive reasoning. Subconsciously, you don’t realize have already heard or read news and opinions on just what you are writing about.
There are no psychics, just frauds claiming to be.


If it was true that psychics really existed and really had some way of knowing the future, that would mean that the future is fixed, and already exists in some way. I don’t see any reason to believe that that is the case.


There are no psychics, just con-men/women. Just relax, plans mean nothing without the means to carry them out.


I believe that there are people who prophesy, but not due to psychic abilities. I think people like Nostradamus shaped the future to what they “predicted,” simply through predicting it and making people believe in it. So, yes, if they are in a position of power, or have the ear of someone who is, then “psychics” can prophesy the outcome of wars.


only things those clowns can predict is how much money they can steal from you in one sitting.


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