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Can psychics and mediums make good money?

Do psychic mediums and tarot readers make good money?
when they go to peoples houses and advertise in new age shops etc ?

I have been reading tarot as a spirit medium/ tarot reader for years for friends and am thinking of doing it for extra cash because I can really do it. But could this become, eventually, a full time business. Is there anybody that has tried it ?


  • Of course dear. There is no limit to the gullibility of some people so you can scam them out of all of their money with a little imagination.

  • Anyone who is good at convincing people that what they have to offer is of value to them can make money.

    The first step is believing that you CAN do it. And it seems to me that you can, because:

    1.) You have been doing it for years, and

    2.) People have been doing it for years. They’re not talked about as much as the rich mega-preachers, who also succeed by convincing other people that they “need” what they (the mega-preachers) have, but they use the same techniques, so they can be just as successful.

    There will always be people who are willing to pay for something; whether it has value to most people or not, there will always be someone who thinks that it IS valuable.

    It is up to you to sell it, but it HAS been done before.

  • If you’re looking for a money angle and are female I suggest a bee hive hairdo,lots of make up and a shiny ugly dress. Get a small market tv show and you’re on your way.
    If you have a talent as you say then give it away! If it’s real you will be rewarded.

  • I used to participate in a lot of new age fairs and metaphysical events. Sometimes, I went as a psychic reader and other times as a healing facilitator. I always made more money as a reader although I never made the money that other psychic readers made.

    The ones that made the most money, consistently over the years I did this sort of event, were those who had a mystique around them and presented their answers in entertaining ways. Also, there was a big focus on answering questions about relationships and money. If you are willing to focus on those two areas, answer a list of prepared questions and create a personality of mystique around yourself, you may do well as a psychic.

    I did not succeed as well because I never went into a reading to answer the question someone wanted answered. Instead, I always read the cards or did the intuitive reading based on what showed up for that person’s soul.

    That approach did not set well with those who just wanted to know if their boyfriend cheated on them or what the lottery numbers were this week.

  • Sure, if you can live with yourself after getting people to give you their money under false pretenses and giving grieving widows and grieving parents and grieving children false comfort.

  • I am reminded of something that happened a couple of years ago in a nearby community. A so-called psychic was reading Tarot and doing other things that included telling people that they were secretly worrying because they had too much money and didn’t know how to invest it properly. The psychic, out of the kindness of her heart, offered to relieve those people of their burdens.

    When she got arrested for fraud, her only comment was, “Wow, I didn’t see that coming.”

    Makes you wonder how good a psychic she was, doesn’t it?

    Anyway, the problem with charging money for such services is that if you don’t IMMEDIATELY say “For entertainment purposes only” on your sign, card, or letterhead, you are in violation of the false advertising laws and can be arrested for perpetrating fraud. The legal fees and fines will very quickly eat into your profits, prophet.

  • Most don’t, and supplement their income by selling new age products or real jobs. It doesn’t mean you can’t use it to make money on the side.

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