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Can psychic vampire kill you?

my life is weird, I’m surrounded by a lot of psychic vampires, and i know how to get rid of them or cause harm to them if they even attack me. What really surprise me is when a girl i knew died. She was really good friends with this psychic vampire. I have this ability to sense that her aura was being drained constantly, but i never knew it could get to the point where she had to die
to educate you ppl, psychic vampire is just a term to describe people who drain your aura by causing anxiety in your life directly or indirectly. Basically its a term to describe bitches and assholes.
And no Psychic vampire does not mean a real vampire sucking your blood.


  1. I doubt they can kill you directly but they sure are high maintenance. I suppose people have chemistry. Some people are just draining when combined. But I tend not to associate with people who just consume my energies. But i could see it causing a person to ruin their life, and maybe end it indirectly. But I am not convinced that you can just suck the life out of somebody.

  2. Well none of the ones I know will purposely kill you. But I live in a morally gray society, and most people know better then to feed on people excessively.
    Of course, running around tired and in a daze more often then not could increase the risk of death. You know how they tell you not to operate heavy vehicles and such when drowsy.

  3. It sounds like you have a mental disorder that needs to be treated. I’m bipolar and take Lithium, Seroquel, and Lexapro.

  4. A psychic vampire can kill you but only if he (she, it) slits your throat with Occam’s razor.
    Grace be unto you and peace.

  5. Those kind of people should be removed from your life- kind of like they are disturbing your Feng Shui

  6. You might check out the newer post on Gang Stalking, Organized Stalking, etc. Any time that subject comes up on a forum, immediately there are multiple government-paid bloggers (yes, they are among the millions newly-employed by the government) who show up, make up a bunch of “identities,” and post nasty, negative messages to shoot down sincere posters, like the ones on this thread. As you said, Psychic Vampires is just a term for people who suck energy by way of injecting intense negativity into the lives of others. Gang Stalkers are just such Psychic Vampires.

  7. a true psychic vamp can drain a person’s energy to the point of death if that person has no Shields and is already “tapped out” so to speak. i would recommend reading Children of the Night by Mercedes Lackey if u want an exaggerated version, but in general a victim of a psychic vamp can be drained to the point of death though it is rare. Hope this helps. I wouldn’t accuse anyone of this if you aren’t sure however because it isn’t something that happens very often.

  8. Who says psychic vampires are bitches and assholes? Actually most psychic vampires, at least the good ones are all smiles and soap, they do cut on their prey but in very subtitle and self esteem destroying ways, imagine this line, “Of course you are pretty dear, I just wanted your opinion on that waifish little thing over there. No I’m not saying you need to lose weight, unless you think it would make you happier, I like them a little chubby.” They will collect the tragic and broken by treating them like rare and delicate flowers, which usually means pressing them mercilessly between the pages of a heavy book.
    They will not drive a reliable food source to suicide, it would be a waste of a lot of investment and personal work. Though the strings of codependencies they weave can and will often leave those with a fragile psyche ruined and incapable of dealing with the thought of separation, which is further compounded by the fact that a most psychic vampires have no real love or attachment to those they feed on. Such emotional attachment is reserved for those who are like them or at least have a spark of life which is too hard to accidentally crush.

  9. Yes we can kill but only if your vamp is foolish and overly thirsty, We are not bitches and assholes and you dont seem to understand us


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