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Can Psychic Telepathy Be Learned?

OR is it just inherently natural for some people? I know a few people who have the gift of telepathy. They cannot explain how it works or teach others. How would one go about improving his or her spiritual abilities


  1. yes, we are all telepathic to an extent, we can increase that skill with practice and commitment. Research online. These people are going to think you’re crazy becuase this is un heard of too them.

  2. For putting your toe in the water:
    Study of Reiki
    Practicing dowsing, read a bit.
    If it’s for you you’ll know before too long.
    Afterward if you want to pursue it you might consider dbs such as digital dowsers to see what’s being said. They’re mostly into healing work.
    The link below will have links to dowsers in your area if it interests you.
    The metaphysical has a way of being intertwined, various approaches spilling over into one another.
    I’ve suggested healing as an initial step because a lot of people seem to connect more easily in that arena.

  3. Everyone has the ability, it just comes easier to some. You can learn it but in the society we live in, it’s going to be hard to find the center you need to fully tap into it.

  4. Practice, practice. You have to flex your psychic muscle known as the pineal gland. It atrophies without use, but you can build it up again. It’s like exercising any other muscle in your body. Don’t force it. Just open up and let it flow.

  5. Yes, with meditation and practice, plus the honest, focused intent, you can increase your abbilities. Just sit quietly, concentrate and repeat to yourself, “I am telepathic” thought it might help if you know exactly what telepathy is.

  6. everybody is born with some degree of it but to really enhance it requires a loss of mental acuity on the normal level of consciousness . the great psychic Peter Herchos actually fell off a ladder received a concussion and became a tremendous boon predicting sites in WW11 but lost much of his normal facility retarding his normal mind in the process.


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