can psychic powers kill some body?

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i am writing a paper and i need to know if some one with psychic powers can kill somebody.

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only if you believe that…when dealing with the supernatural its more your opinion than reality


Only of one uses diabolically twisted alpha waves in a concentrated beam.


No, they can’t, because humans don’t have supernatural powers (telekinesis, invisibility, etc.).


The effects of ‘psychic powers’ are mostly psychological, that might seem obvious but let me explain.
Most people believe they have been affected by psychic powers because they believe they have. it’s a sort of placebo effect. So in theory, if a person honestly believes that they’re about to die, they could die, but it’d be nothing to do with ‘psychic powers’ they don’t exist. it would merely be their belief, mind over matter.

Johnald The Robot

Why yes. I have killed many people with my mind gorillas.


What is Shaman and what does it have to do with Quantum physics?

and yes I am a Ridgeback who loves to play with little dogs and sleep on my couch cool, thanks

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