Can psychiatrists have a history of mental illness, even if they are now cured?

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Can psychiatrists have a history of mental illness, even if they are now considered cured?
What about if they had the illness when they were a minor?
What if they are still taking medication for the illness? Would they be out of a job?

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somebody with a mental illness, with the correct meds and councelling has no reason to not be able to carry on with normal lives. often the best way to help somebody out is to be in their shoes, to see their point of view, so this would help them in their job


Psychiatrists can have mental illnesses even if they aren’t cured. If they were denied a job because of it, they could sue because anti-discrimination laws cover mental illnesses. If their illness got significantly in the way of their job performance and they had a hard time fixing the problem, that would be a separate issue, but an employer can’t legally assume that it’s going to happen. Mental illnesses are only obstacles, they don’t disable a person from understanding and applying the material of a profession.


in reality, nothing matters but the work you do.
you can have no arms no legs and if you can do
the work, you will get paid.
psychs just follow the rules. they are not advocats
for the mentally ill. they are in fact a serious threat
to anyone who does not fit into the norm within society.
they follow medical guidelines for their studies and work.
if they hate themselves enough. they may be successfull,
however, psychs debilitate patients so severly that it is
virtually impossible unless, that person has a hideable, extreme
dual personality. wich is unlikely because they would have
been trapped at birth by another physician. if, a parent was a doctor, then they would have escaped the stranglehold of medical opinion and
yes it could be possible but still, they would have to hate themsevlves
extremely and feel absolutlely no remorse for anyone that comes into contact with authoritative opinion. they would in fact be an unnoticeable psychopath. to cure a proper psychiatric problem would involve a permanent procedure such like surgery which would greatly impair other aspects of the body and personality. they could practice somewhere maybe far away from their governing body. sort of like Hanibal Lecter. 8P


I think that most psychiatrists have some sort of mental illness themselves, and that is how they get into the business, they want to know what is wrong with them. Keep in mind I said MOST not ALL.


Mental illness would not be an issue unless it was interfering with their job on a regular basis (ie it wasn’t something that just required a sick day now and then). So they would tend to have a milder mental condition, or a milder form of a condition that can be severe. For example, a very famous psychiatrist, kay redfield jamison (sp?) has bipolar, but hers is well controlled with meds, and I think she does have to take a leave of absence on rare occasion. Severe mental illnesses tend to make it too hard to work at any full time, stressful job, so it isn’t that there is a rule against it, it’s just that you would have too many breakdowns and maybe intermittent cognitive problems. In that case, you wouldn’t be a stockbroker or lawyer either.
Under ADA (americans with disabilities act) you can’t discriminate against someone for their disability, and reasonable accomodations must be made. I am sure other countries have similar rules.


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