Can Pranayam / Pranayama cure Ulcerative Colitis? ?

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Has any one heard of Swami Ramdev being able to cure Ulcerative Colitis in any patients by doing Pranayam? If you have, are there any sites where I can read the testimonials. Any information is helpful. Thanks.

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Starry Eyed

That is a type of yoga right? I had UC for 5 years before they removed my colon. No doctor ever asked me to try it, but I was a really really sick kid, no meds ever worked for me. That would be an interesting thing to try, hopefully it helps someone, living with UC is not fun.


Hi friend- I just stumbled upon your query and hope it is not too late a reply. I was diagnosed with UC in 2004. Suffered like all UC patients for 4+ years- during which time I kept getting in and out of dosages of steroids. During that time I tried all else- ayurveda, homeo, diet modification etc. Nothing worked. Out of sheer desperation I started practicing pranayama- watching Swami Ramdev on TV. I never believed in the curative powers of yoga till then. Now, only thanks to pranayama- since 2 years I have had no recurrence- I am under no medication.
Do not expect dramatic results from day 1. To give you exact dates- I started pranayama on 8th March 2008. Thereafter, every 15 days I would think back to compare with my present state and would feel that there is very slight improvement. On 30th June 2008- I was symptom free. I did have minor recurrences thereafter every 2-3 months and it used to last only about 3 days. Intensity of these episodes kept reducing. After Nov 2008 I have had no recurrence. All this while and till date I have kept doing kapalbhati -20 mins, anulom vilom 20 mins. Between these 2 pranayams I do bahyi 5 times and ujjayi 5 times. Instructions on how these are to be done ae available in You Tube and other sites.
For the record I am a 45 year old male and live in Bangalore.
I hope you benefit from this experience of mine. UC is a horrible disease to live with and my sympathies are with you- start pranayama- absolutely worth the effort. Best wishes.

Sunil Porwal

Hi Mr. Giri thanks for the information you have given.
Am also suffering from UC since last six months. Am having grade 4, Pan Colitis.
Pleas let me know how is your condition now since you are doing Pranayam.


with uc almost 2 years.
which yoga to be performed and how much time, any dietry restriction?


mr giri i also having similar experience as you had, i would like to contact you for taking detailed information . thanks .


Dear All,
I have been suffering from sinusities from 20 years and Pharyngitis from 1 year. Do you have any idea that Pharyngitis can be cured by Pranayam ? if yes then which pranayam ?
I am really suffering badly and tried all the methods.
Please replay me at
Raj from Nepal

i have also ulcertive colitis since one year.i will tried the effect of pranayam to manage ulcerative colitis..i am an engineer of 24 years old.


Can Pranayama cure sinusities ? Is there any proof then how many months it generally takes ?

Surajit Chakravarty

Hi Giri,
Your experience w/ pranayamas was very encouraging and heartening for me. I too stumbled on this blog now and am pretty excited to try these out from today. I have been suffering from UC for almost 20 yrs….dormant sometimes ,flaring up at other times. I just got a scare of my life just about a month back when I was clonoscoped in Borland Grovver Clinic in Jacksonville, FL where they found that it pan colonic and preety bad. I am a firm believer in Pranayamas …and had practised them for sometime when I had seen terrific (positive) results. The exercises (If we can call them by that name!) reduced my blood pressure and triglyceride remarkably quickly … PCP was amazed as I did not have to take any medication thereafter….However UC is a very different kettle of fish …as we all know ..However having read your experience I am very optimistic that I am going to make it!!!!!
Can you please shoot me an e-mail at so that I can stay in touch w/ you, Sir?
I am 50 yrs old andam currently living in FL.
April 07, 2011


Hi Surajit – please could you share your experience of trying the pranayama on UC?
I have Nephrotic Syndrome which is another autoimmune disease and so am highly interested in your experience.


i am ashish from jabalpur . suffering from UC since last 10 years . i have taken all pathy .can you guide me how pranayama benifits UC . I HAVE ALSO TAKE STEROIDS FOR SHORT TERM TREATMENT . PLEASE MAIL ALL THE GUIDE LINE . MY MAIL (

abhishek bothra

i am suffering from UC. I m just 22yrs and few days before i had undergone colonoscopy.the report says its a UC.I donot have any severe complications but my stool is not in solid form that may be because my body is not taking the fluids completely.i have not started with the treatment now….but would like to get an idea how to deal with my problem in a best posssible way.


I am recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Not sure if Pranayama can help. But I am going start with as Giri mentioned. Hope it helps!!


Hi giri.
Could please let me know can I do kapalbhati during uc flare…


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