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Can practicing meditation really keep us young for a longer period of time?

I practiced awakening to my spiritual energy for quite a while now and it has amazing effects
I also heard that one of the effects of strengthening our spiritually energy also allows us to stay younger for a longer period of time
Is this true? because that would be pretty cool ^-^
Well I’m talking about retaining our physical youth


  1. Monotheist, I’m not sure about meditation could keep the process of ageing slow. But there are some information that:
    Christian traditions have various practices which can be identified as forms of “meditation.” Monastic traditions are the basis for many of these. Practices such as the rosary, the Adoration (focusing on the eucharist) in Catholicism or the hesychast tradition in Eastern Orthodoxy, may be compared to forms of Eastern meditation that focus on an individual object. Christian meditation is considered a form of prayer. Hesychastic practice may involve recitation of the Jesus Prayer, thus “through the grace of God and one’s own effort, to concentrate the nous in the heart.” Prayer as a form of meditation of the heart is described in the Philokalia–a practice that leads towards Theosis which ignores the senses and results in inner stillness.

  2. Meditation can have great physical benefits. Relaxational meditation counters stress, which is one of the primary things that ages us.
    Same goes for sex. In fact, with all the hormones and stress relief that sex involves, one gets the greatest natural counter-aging known to man. Studies show that having sex one to three times a week (with one’s spouse, sorry promis) can cause one to look and feel up to ten years younger.

  3. it is more those that are not stressed live longer.
    If you meditation accomplishes being centered then yes, you have a chance to live longer.
    this is assuming that you don’t have a car accident, or a Tree fall on you dwelling place terminating you physical existence.
    As far are you spiritual self that will live for eternity regardless

  4. I suggest you look to antioxidants for that. Look at it like this, we are recycled by the earth Goddess. The earth claims our body and returns it to the soil. Our spirit is also recycled and added to the akasha and finally gets to be reborn in a new person. The spirit and the body are recycled, but they’re separate. While meditation is good for the spirit and the higher self, it has little effect on the body other than calming it down and resting it.
    Blessed Be

  5. I have met people who look a lot younger than they really are; Having said so, you meditating to remain young probably won’t work.
    You are best to meditate for the sake of meditating! 🙂
    I also know of people whose ‘real age’ has been measured to be amazingly low like 10 years when they are themselves (in Earth years) something like 45 yrs.
    Ofcourse other factors also play a part like whether you’re a vegetarian/ stay away from dairy products, etc


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