Home Discussion Forum Can poor posture restrict your breathing during exercise?

Can poor posture restrict your breathing during exercise?

Can poor posture restrict your breathing during exercise?
At the gym I notice feelings of a tight chest. This is not a “my heart hurts” issue. My ribcage feels constricted, and it can be difficult to take a full breath. When I take a full breath, it feels like my lungs are pressing against the chest cavity. It’s not a sharp pain, more of a dull ache.
And this is not after a grueling workout, either. The situation today happened prior to the workout, while I was doing stretches.
I had thought it might be because I work at a desk, on a computer. You tend to hunch over. So when I’m working out I need to focus on pulling my shoulders back. Could it be that my body is just not used to breathing with good posture?

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  1. Great observations. I would say that you are probably right, at least in your own case. Proper posture will probably not only help you with your breathing, but, will subconsciously work out muscles that wouldn’t be normally worked out with bad posture.

  2. Yes the computer-slump eventually closes your chest in (and messes witj your neck, arms, and all of it). There are excercises you can look up to open your chest more. And make sure you have good posture at the computer.

  3. Absolutely. If you are bent over for example, you are pushing on and compacting your diaphragm and your lungs. Kinda of obvious is it not? The better the posture, the more balanced, centered you are and the more air you can inhale and exhale.

  4. Sure, poor posture could be the problem.
    You need to develop good posture all the time, not just for working out. Poor posture can affect your whole body, particularly your back, in a negative way.
    Besides just making a conscious attempt to sit up straight and not slump or hunch at your desk, it might be good if you saw a chiropractor. Also, you could learn about the Alexander technique which is about posture and movement.
    You might want to read about asthma to make sure that you haven’t developed asthma and aren’t exhibiting symptoms of that.

  5. Having poor posture has been linked with causing breathing problems such as asthma. Hunching over a desk or a computer places tension on your chest which doesn’t allow you to breath effectively. I know this article is specific to children and the consequences of poor posture but this can also affect adults as well.
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