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Can physiology determine the possibility of having a soul?

Cells in our body are always dying, and new cells are always being developed through dna transcription and replication.
With this constant changing in our bodies, why doesnt our consciousness change?
What is it about our minds that can remain steady, and unchanged, when every cell is dividing and dying?
Think about it.


  1. That goes to show what a Mighty GOD we serve. And we know we have souls ’cause GOD Said So. Ezekiel 18 (Amplified Bible)
    4Behold, all souls are Mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is Mine; the soul that sins, it shall die.

  2. We all have a psyche which is what soul is translated from in greek, and means our personality, the way we think.
    I believe you should be talking about spirit, and no, that cannot be determined by any so called science.

  3. No matter what Bible you read, it will say in Genesis that God breathed into Adam and he became a living soul. We were not given one, we are souls.

  4. i once read a paper that determined by scientific examination that they determined by our physiology when the spirit entered the body,
    the spirit joins the body upon first breath and sometimes even without breathing.

  5. You should research what happens in a schizophrenic’s mind……but the short and simple answer is no…..because the two are on entirely separate plains or dimensions if you will….science can only go so far

  6. No, since the soul is not physical. If it were physical, and could be found by man … it would be screwed, made drunk and high, abused, beaten, taxed, stripped naked and photographed.
    There is a good reason somethings cant be found by man.

  7. I would not know and the answer is we do not know. As yet it cannot prove that. If we find how it can then we will be entering a new field which could be called psycho-physics. There is so much we do not know. People may not be able to prove that the body and mind are separate from each other with the science tools we use today; but noone has been able to prove they are not separate from each other either. There is nothing wrong with this idea and it is a possibility. It would not prove the truth behind a religion like Islam or Christianity, but it would go with some of the ideas which are in these religions; however the possiblity of a divine being does not necessarily have to exist to support this theory.
    Someone who is a bit of a novice will say no the brain does the work. You will ask him how. He will look at you curiously and say a neuron in the brain sends a message. You ask him how and he says its a chemical reaction or something. You ask him what makes this occur and keep asking why, why and why. As to how it starts in the first place he will not answer. If the body is connected to the soul in some way, it is fair to assume that sometimes its nervous system which gives parts of the body the instructions can interact with the soul.


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