Home Discussion Forum can people who don't meditate have open chakras?

can people who don't meditate have open chakras?

I meditate and practice opening them with chants and such, but I wonder if people who are unaware of their existence or may not even believe in them would ever have them open and that could be why they are so compassionate (heart chakra open) or grounded (root) or insightful/intuition (third eye).
idk why so many people on here answer questions without answering them.


  1. Chakras are in your imagination. They don’t actually exist.
    I like how I’m getting thumbs down because you asked a silly question and I answered it truthfully.

  2. I think that some people have different natural energies than others.
    I would say yes, it is possible. However, I think that meditation/ritual and technique can always open a person more than they are open naturally.
    I don’t think it’s a case of “open” or “closed”; rather, the degree and tendency. More like a spectrum.
    And Jay- I gave you a thumbs down because, well, what isn’t in your imagination? What kind of world is outside of our own minds? Certainly not one I know anything about.

  3. Chakras are opened by a spiritual master and then you continue the meditation.
    Those who do not open their chakras they are decayed in the graves when they die.

  4. Chakras? Sounds like a type of cracker. Possibly whole wheat. I’m thinking onion flavored. Oval shaped. Red-orange box with the lettering in forrest green, Bodoni MT Condensed font. Inside, they’re packaged in rolls, not just all thrown into a bag like cereal is. Right next to the Ritz crackers at the store, but not near the Wheat Thins.

  5. “Chakras” are thought complexes (neurosis and subconscious programs, habits, and conditioning). They are not “things” that are opened or closed. This is just a metaphorical way of talking about what happens from certain practices that radically change brain chemistry and, in turn, the programmatic self. Specific meditation and yoga techniques have been developed to cause this change but there are a myriad other ways that thought transformation and neuronal rewiring occurs –either intentionally or spontaneously.


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