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Can people who believe fathom the idea of doing good without any reward and without any God or karma?

No reward at all – no heaven, no afterlife, no positive karmic effects. No pleasing God, no celebratiing his Love, no spiritual growth, no advancement, no peace. Also, add to this the following: no one knows that you do good, no one knows that you’re kind, etc. And … you don’t have any concept of yourself as doing good or being a righteous, principled person. You just do without any sense of self or ego or gain or anything. Is that possible?


  1. It’s not about just doing GOOD that gets you into heaven, it’s having faith as well.
    Good deeds, or human righteousness, are filthy to God; they don’t count as atonement.
    And sure, we should all do good things, no matter what.

  2. If someone actually refuses to judge himself and leaves that to God, it will drive him to greater heights than an atheist could. And that is ideal religion and Catholicism.

  3. the point of going to heaven is not because you were good your whole life. the point is accepting God! You have to accept your God and Savior if you want to go to Heaven

  4. Well, I do good things all the time without expecting a reward, sometimes the reward itself is the feeling of gratitude and thanks that the person has and the feelings of pride and happiness that you get.

  5. No, it is not possible. But, there is a God. I can prove it too (but not thru Yahoo! Anwers, only standard email) to anyone who doubts me. I love Him, and do right to please Him. We do get rewards in Heaven, because there is one, and I can prove it.

  6. Of course. I always tell my students to do good, just because it’s the right thing to do, plus it usually makes you feel better about life in general. The good karma coming back to you is a perk, and doing good just for the sole purpose of having good karma come back is ineffective because your heart is not in it.
    Blessed be.

  7. yes, I can. The things I do I do not count or tell of. I do merely for the purpose of doing it is right. If I take account of it then the motives are wrong. If I tell of it, then the motives for doing are wrong.

  8. I think the question is unduly artificial.
    By definition you’re insisting on going “good” that no good comes out of. There is no abstract “goodness”. What defines good is the impact is has upon the world, including sometimes only the little piece of the world inside your own mind, but you’ve excluded that too.

  9. Of course you can. I was like that when I walked away from God. I did good things without any kind of concept of reward.
    It is that now I have a personal relationship with God and I long to be with God. I do not do good things for a reward. I do good things because I want to. And every time when I do good things, I honor God. I am His servant, voluntarily.

  10. Are you talking about nihilism?
    Nihilism was rejected by the Buddha.The teaching of karma proves that the Buddha did not teach annihilation after death;Buddhism accepts ‘survival’ not in the sense of an eternal soul,but in the sense of a renewed becoming or mental continuum.


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