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Can People Today Have Holy Auras? (Catholic Religion Q)?

I mean how can you tell if a person is holy and good?
Is it by feelings, light, colors?

Example: St. Francis of Assisi, or Padre Pio, or an everyday person that practices the faith.

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Well, let me put it to you another way… if a person has a dark soul… you can feel it. It’s heavy and oppressive and it makes you skin crawl and you want nothing more than to get away from them. But people of the light radiate light. They have beautiful spirits, are happy to be alive and they spread love wherever they go. That’s an extreme example, but it gives you an idea. You can just feel it.


Yes I met a Buddhist monk with a Holy aura.

wind m

Yes, people today like you can have holy auras.

How to tell? Be concerned more of your aura and your relationship with the Lord and perhaps you’ll be gifted with discerning.

Some see through their eyes, some feel by their skins, some hear by their ears and some see, feel, hear by and through their hearts.

suzan g

yes i think WE do. the bible says we do


Yes and no. Im sure if a person is pure at heart then lyeah but i do doubt that. Im sure everyone has wished someone wrong wether they ment it or not.Heres some information i found on it. Throughout history light has been connected with good and with creative powers, thus in the daytime we are active and the light of the sun brings the world to life. Consistent with the concept of the “goodness” associated with illumination and radiation, the terms are frequently used to connote revelation – seeing the light, the light at the end of the tunnel,… Read more »

jenny lee

Jesus did.