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Can people send you positive and negative energy over the Internet?

I have noticed some people are full of bitterness and hatred, surrounding their immediate area with negative energy that even gets through the computer. And there are those who are the opposite, bringing positivity and smiles with their cyber “presence.” I don’t even have to know these people but I can feel the energy so strongly.
Anybody else experiences this?
Awww…thank you 🙂 Yeah, I usually say vibes too, but I thought energy may explain it better.


  1. You bet your bippy, citizen. We used to call it “bad vibes” in the sixties and we were derided for believing there was such a thing and folks called it “hippy claptrap.” I think the internet somehow makes it even easier to detect this negative energy, bad vibes, or whatever you choose to call it.

  2. Yes, I can’t quite explain what or how they are, those vibes or energy that flows from each one of us and affects the other, but we seem to be somewhat connected by and through them.
    I have felt negative energy sometimes through the internet, and it feels something like a burden. Instinctively, I avoid it, unnecessary drama falls under that, which you know I can’t stand.
    Fortunately, I have also felt such kind, inviting, understanding, passionate, inspiring vibes from others, whether directed towards me or not. The kind that make you smile, laugh, reflect, question, seek…all of which I welcome.
    Good and unique question.

  3. I’ve noticed this in some cases. When I first started using Yahoo Answers I found myself getting sucked into the negativity and hatred in some questions and/or answers. So I decided to stop reading and answering certain questions or posts from certain participants. In somes instances I found myself mirroring the negativity. I’ve found that if my gut reaction to a question/answer is anger, then it’s better for me to not answer the question. And to not let myself get angry over someone’s negativity and hatred. I can’t say that I never have bad days but I try to remember that I can’t control others and how they act but I can certainly control my actions.
    On the positive energy side…I’ve witnessed a lot of caring and warmth from different people (various categories, other forums that I participate in outside of yahoo also) and it’s really refreshing. Yesterday was the first time since I’ve been on YA where I was really touched by an outpouring of love and caring towards a woman that was going through a hard time. Online forums rarely inspire the warm fuzzies so it was nice to see.

  4. Words hit our subconcious and written words “feel” like truth so they hit even harder. Since it happens in a way that can’t be felt by the five senses it can be called energy. You and a friend of yours make me happy just seeing your answers and questions. You manage to convey love to each other and I feel that energy. Joy to both of you


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