Home Discussion Forum Can people really use chakra (chi or whatever) and use justus?

Can people really use chakra (chi or whatever) and use justus?

I wonder if we can perform justu just like naruto


  1. Quite a lot of people believe that the body’s energy can be channeled or whatever. Like, In a Kenyan monk temple, if somebody gets sick they all sit around them in a circle and hum, and they get better really quick, stuff like that. It’s never really been proven but a lot of people believe in it.
    However, there’s no “Make a sign with your fingers and you magically transform into someone else”. Nothing anywhere near as tangible as that.
    Also, jutsu is a real Japanese word; you’ve probably heard of genjutsu, taijutsu, jujutsu etc, they’re all sort of like types of fighting/martial art. Taijutsu is weapon fighting, Koshijutsu is pressure pointing, Taihenjutsu is like rolls and flips and stuff. Naruto is taking a real-life concept and making it at a supernatural level.

  2. Chakra/Chi – real
    Jutsu’s- In your dreams
    I guess different people use chakra for martial arts i guess.. but jutsus?
    Cmon be reasonable… Think about it, if that were real, the world would be different..

  3. Oh sure you can.
    Just go to any Mental Institution. Don’t worry, the “Mental” part of it means that they’ll mentally prepare you for it.

  4. In Asian tradition, chi is the life force which permeates the world. In addition to being in all living beings, chi is also found in spaces such as homes and gardens.
    Chakras are whirling energy centers in the body that play a big part in our emotional and physical well being.
    Neither is used for performance of any kind, although if your Chi is strong, you will be stronger naturally.

  5. It is believed that chakra can be harnessed from the seven points in the body where chakra of different types are said to be. In fact unlocking all seven chakras is believed to turn the crown chakra point in the forehead turn itself inside out from a absorption point to a radiation point. This creates a circular field that surrounds the head in a soft light. This is actually the “halo” that surrounds the heads of saints that are on the walls of churches, temples, etc. It’s been lead to believe that alleged angels are actually humans who have persevered and unlocked the crown chakra, letting them break the bonds of humanity and ascend to the existence of a celestial being.


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