Can other people besides yourself touch your tarot cards?






I have heard that nobody but you can touch them because of personal energy,but what if the other person is the questioner? Dont they have to pick out thier own cards?


  1. If someone touched your tarot cards and made you feel uncomfortable, tell a trusted adult. No one should touch your tarot cards until you are ready.

  2. I used my g/f’s and they seem ok, they still work for her, I guess, but I bought them for her, so that might be different. but your probably not supposed to.

  3. It’s not recommended. You should also keep them in clean silk. You can ask the other person you are giving a reading to, to just concentrate on their question and try and think it at you or your cards. Also there is a certain direction it is believed you should keep them at in your house but I forgot what it was.

  4. Naw, it’s alright. You can let other people pick their cards when you’re doing a reading for them. Or even if they just want to look at them, it’s alright. As long as they don’t try to use them when you’re not the best of friends… They’re just an extension of you, think about how touch and boundries plays a role in your life and apply it to your cards!

  5. Some have the questioner handle the cards, some may just have their hand hover above the deck. It’s what feels right to you, and no ne else.

  6. I’ve read that you should be the only one handling the cards… if the questioner touches the cards, then they are affecting the energy and it might botch it up or something.
    I don’t use tarot or support it, but I respect your freedom to use it and I do believe that all of the energy rules created in this process are totally true.
    The same idea is used in some African cultures with their drums. Only the owner of the drum should touch it, unless they come to have a very deep relationship with someone that they love or care for… THEN, and only then is it okay to let their drums be affected by someone else’s energy.
    Good question! 😀

  7. Hello Denise
    That is down to the individual. There are no hard & fast rules.
    Some readers allow it, while others don’t.

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