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Can one have telepathy with trees?


  1. Not according to this song:
    “I Talk To The Trees Lyrics
    I talk to the trees
    But they don’t listen to me
    I talk to the stars
    But they never hear me
    The breeze hasn’t time
    To stop, and hear what I say
    I talk to them all
    In vain”
    However, trees apparently talk to each other:
    “Grants Pass, Ore. (AP) – Physicist Ed Wagner says he has found evidence that trees talk to each other in a language he calls W-waves.
    “If you chop into a tree, you can see that adjacent trees put out an electrical pulse,” said Wagner. “This indicates that they communicated directly.”
    “Explaining the phenomenon, Wagner pointed to a blip on a strip chart recording of the electrical pulse.
    “It put out a tremendous cry of alarm,” he said. “The adjacent trees put out smaller ones.” …..
    “People have known there was communication between trees for several years, but they’ve explained it by the chemicals trees produce,” Wagner said.
    “But I think the real communication is much quicker and more dramatic than that,” he said. “These trees know within a few seconds what is happening. This is an automatic response.”
    “Wagner has measured the speed of W-waves at about 3 feet per second through the air.
    “They travel much too slowly for electrical waves,” he said. “They seem to be an altogether different entity. That’s what makes them so intriguing. They don’t seem to be electromagnetic waves at all.”
    And here’s someone who thinks we can:
    “Suddenly I wanted to talk to a tree.
    To talk to a tree is strange, is it not? Yet no one thinks it odd for man to speak to something he cannot see or touch, something he calls “God”. No one thinks it bizarre that we listen too and are impelled into strange actions, like buying a certain soft drink because of an image on TV, which we cannot touch. Yet if we were to shake hands with a tree, something real with its roots in the ground, something that lives, grows, and rustles in the wind, something in which living birds nest and hatch their young. If we were to touch a tree and to speak to it, we might be considered very peculiar indeed. The tyranny of viewpoint, most often not our own, constricts us as surely as a horse’s hobbles.
    The Indians thought it ordinary to communicate with animals, plants and trees. Walking Buffalo of the Stony Indians Tribe in Canada said, “did you know that trees talk? They talk to each other and they’ll talk to you if you listen. I have learned a lot from trees, something about the weather, something about animals, and something about the Great Spirit.”
    I’m sure that my neighbours would have thought me quite daft had they seen me talking to this tree. But I was alone, and alone one has the right by that reason, to do as one pleases. Alone one is free, or ought to be, and so I thought, I shall see how it is to speak to a tree. I looked around first just to make sure none of my neighbours where around, but no one was watching and no one would hear me. Yet I had a difficult time bringing myself to do this simple, harmless thing.
    We are as free as the barriers we have constructed around our minds permit us to be. Indeed, as we perceive it, insanity may be simply the elimination of all of the mind’s barriers. We know that trees do not talk, but how do we know? I might conclude that my neighbours also do not talk. I have never heard them speak, but that is because I have never spoken to them. ”
    So, what ther heck – why not give it a try? I mean, who knows: the trees might be a lot more interesting than many people are.

  2. In order to communcate telepathicly, the tree would need a mind. So technically, no.
    However, I do beleive you can feel energy from a tree and sense it’s feelings. That would be considered a form of communication, but it’s not neccessarliy received via the mind…. you might feel it through your hands, your feet or in your belly for example…. feeling what the tree feels.

  3. Yes, they can! The problem is, is that trees don’t speak a human language so deciphering what they’re saying can be a bit tricky. 🙂 It’s True!!! 🙂

  4. yes, you can. trees are alot like us.
    By the way, everyone who said ‘no’, only say it because they never have. how do you know something doesnt exist if youv never done it? just cuz u havent heard of it, doesnt mean its not real. you just dont know. simple logic folks.

  5. I am with the latter. ive placed my hands on a trees and only after id
    stopped other thoughts in my mind did i feel something i cannot really describe. with some an overwhelming serenity more so than meditating at any other time. and others a troubled sensation like low electrical shock. Ashka i think your right; it’s
    a communication and takes time to learn.
    Or maby it is only my projection.

  6. About 20 years ago I was hanging out with some friends at night in a baseball field. Sober. I had to take a piss so I walked about 20 meters away behind the nearest tree to handle business.
    Mid piss the wind subtly blew threw the leaves above, it was so soothing. Then softly again it blew threw the leaves. And then in my head I heard this voice. It said to me, “Yes, you can also move the tree, you are the wind”. And as it spoke I felt the tree shaking and I shaking it. This continued on and at each moment the tree shook harder and harder. One of my friends noticed the tree shaking and knowing me thought I was climbing it. There were many other trees near by and no wind was blowing them. So he decided to walk over to the tree as than others watched. In a trance like state I was in fact violently shaking this tree with my mind. As my friend walked over I could head every step he made along the way. I was so clairvoyant so that I could hear the conversation he had deciding to come to check on myself and the tree. Lol
    When he finally got to the tree and I, the moment he breached vision the tree stopped shaking about instantly. I was stood there facing the tree with my arms in the air and I had no recollection of lifting them. Moment he made eye contact upon myself my arms dropped, my trance lifted and I said to him abruptly! “You saw that right! I was shaikin the tree with my mind!!” He stood there with his mouth cropped and just nodded yes. All the 5 friends were witness. If not I would feel insane to have experienced that on my own! Yes we are telepathic with trees. This event has competely made me question everything we think we know about this place we live in


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