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Can one have a wife and still find enlightenment?

Have I just met the wrong kind of women or is it impossible to follow or even just occasionally visit a spiritual path if you have a significant other? Women seem to always bring me back to earth. Most of my aggression, anxiety, and ego identifying are usually related to my relationships with women. I know these problems are due to my own psychology but is my trying to balance women and spirituality even possible?


  1. Socrates once said “By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you’ll be happy. If you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.”

  2. need to discover yourself first before the long path of understanding a woman can begin. gotta release that aggression and anxiety or you aint got a chance. learning to like then love yourself is first up (then i promise the relationship will follow)

  3. I have a wonderful wife, she is absolutely awesome. However, if I want to have an in depth discussion I have to find a friend, it only annoys her if I try to discuss it with her. That’s okay, we all have or peculiarities, don’t we?

  4. …to seek spiritual enlightenment requires sacrifices…women being #1 on the list…
    …the journey requires your focus 200%…after the journey drink from the wheel of health and happiness…
    …as a focused enlighten individual…

  5. With the right One you are already on a path to the sublime.
    Sounds like although you’ve had previous bad experiences.
    These are History!
    Perhaps you need to resolve some of your own issues before you get in too deep next time.Accept yourself.
    A good partner should speed up your path to enlightenment.
    Hope good karma arrives soon.x

  6. If you find a woman who is as spiritually in touch with her inner being as you are with yours, I believe that together as one being, you can reach enlightenment.

  7. climb on up here in this canoe and help us paddle…yes, you are able to know your spirituality and have a significant other.

  8. The ego is a biological tool and not your master. Enlightenment is impossible because no one will be left to experience it. There is nothing beyond the self, because no one will be left to see it. These people around the world claiming they have been enlightened have only conditioned themselves into a very particular state of mind. The real challenge of life is to experience it! Spirituality is the attempt to be numb to life and it doesn’t work. I have been around a lot of people trying to “get there” and all they do is complain that they aren’t enlightened enough.
    The really brave thing to do is to feel the highs and lows and hate things that are bad and like things that are good. Loving everything and especially the “bad” things desensitizes you to the things that deserve appreciation. To appreciate your hatred, you should hate and not love it.
    Psychology is also a virtual world that doesn’t really represent life as it is. What you are is not a soul, not the self, not the awareness or any of that. What you are is merely the sense that you are separate from the rest of the world. You have never made a decision in your life. You are just a feeling.
    I’m sorry to say everything so confidently but it really pains me to see all these people searching for something that doesn’t exist. Steven Harrison and Tony Parsons are good people to listen to if you want to realize why the spiritual search is useless.

  9. From personal experience, – I feel it’s the latter; “impossible to follow or even just occasionally visit a spiritual path if you have a significant other”.
    For me, I feel that it wasn’t that I met the ‘wrong women’ but, rather, that they met the ‘wrong man’, – ‘wrong man’ being defined as ‘ a man who steadfastly holds to his basic principles, – refusing to change simply because another would require it’.
    When I now look back at those moments that I consider as being ‘The 10 Best Moments Of My Life’, – my divorce would rank as #3,… and my marriage, at this point, is barely holding on to the #10 spot and, – barring my statistically untimely death, I fully expect that ‘marriage’ will be knocked off of that list sometime VERY soon…
    In short:
    —… You will find no ‘Meaning of Life’… in the ‘Meanness of Wife’. …—

  10. Socrates was once asked about his wife: Why did you marry such a woman? (she was the annoying, cranky and talkative type)
    He answered: Because I figured if I could learn to love her, I could love anyone.
    And we assume that he loved her.
    In general everything and anything is an opportunity to more spiritual awareness.

  11. The friction in relationship is perfect for those who want enlightenment. We learn to stand back and watch ourselves reacting, we learn to breathe and allow, let go, and most important of all be strong and be with ‘what is’ happening right now, perhaps even help the partner along the way.
    I will admit, after being married twice, having a spouse who is also interested in becoming more conscious, more enlightened, has helped a lot. We both have a higher ‘goal’ than just being right, or getting our way. We both want to realize that we are ‘more’ than the drama that seems to entice us into its center… (Neanderthal like). Getting off the ‘Karmic wheel of repeating the same old ‘stuff’ is enlightenment!


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