Can one do Yoga without the spiritual or religious aspect of it?

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Or is inseparable from Hinduism? Just wondering about this. I did Yoga earlier today at my day program.

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Warrior Poo Flinger I AM a woman

Yes, it’s stretching and isometric exercise, followed by relaxation and visualizing a peaceful scene, a waterfall or a sunrise.

Dogmatically Incorrect SFCU-ish

Yoga isn’t Hindu anyway, and probably 95% of the yoga done in the states is completely secular.

Chas H

Yes, because it is very good for your body. The first time I practiced yoga, it wasn’t spiritually, and it felt AMAZING afterwords.
I do need to add however that yoga isn’t mutually exclusive to Hinduism, so if you’re a Christian, or whatever, do not feel it is blasphemy to practice this very relaxing technique.

I Love Isis

Many gyms here have “religion-free” yoga. One of the christian gyms (yes we have christian gyms) has christian yoga (just one more thing they felt like “borrowing”.


Yes I did.

neil s

Yoga postures and breathing exercises can be “done”, Yoga itself cannot. since it’s not a thing but a state of being.


Yes, you can without a doubt. Yoga is very good for the body and mind. It stretches and strengthens the body and relaxes the mind.

Zsolt H

I can reassure you, you can.
Especially as yoga has nothing to do with spirituality.
I know that some people will find this outrageous, but whatever we do with our physical bodies, yoga, fasting, etc can do nothing to help us progress on the spiritual path.
Our physical being is just an anchor that serves as a basis for our soul to develop. But as soon as our soul is corrected the physical body becomes obsolete.
Of course we have to look after our physical body, a little bit like it was our pet, as without it we would not be able to grow our soul.
But we must not make the mistake thinking, that by doing any physical action we help our spiritual progress, or affect the spiritual world in any way.
So if you want to do yoga for your health, continue without a worry.
If you are interested in spirituality you need to look for other methods, and the link below can give you such a method:!%2BAnswers&utm_medium=forum&utm_content=text-link&utm_campaign=semester-winter-2008
All the best.


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