Home Discussion Forum Can normal person learn telepathy?

Can normal person learn telepathy?

or Its can not be learn, just gifted person only can have it….


  1. I don’t think it’s possible. Damn I wish it was true, it would be so handy. Far out why didn’t God have telepathy and regenerative abilities so when he made us out of an image of himself we’d be super awesome. God’s on a power trip!

  2. No.
    Thought it hasn’t been a proven fact. It’s just lie everything else…
    God creates you with this gift and or talent.
    You are either born with it or you don’t have it.
    Miraculous gifts are not just given to everyone in an option to learn them…
    If this were the case then everyone would be using the rare and unexplained miraculous gifts that have been given to certain beings by God.
    That would be like everyone running around with Jesus powers or his prophets abilities.
    In conclusion If you are not born with it You do cannot aquire something of such miraculous limits. Although it has not been proven true.

  3. well there’s an add at my local shop by a teacher of telepathy and he doesn’t suggest any special criteria to learn it so i think the answer would have to be yes.

  4. I’ve been spoken to telepathically, so I know it exists.
    I believe (unless you are a prodigy) that it is a quite difficult talent to develop. You must study the art for a long time in order to master it.


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