Can noctowl learn hypnosis again after level 57?

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My noctowl doesn’t know hypnosis but has dream eater it’s on level 57 can it learn hypnosis again?

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Pit dude

I put on my robe and wizard hat and cast level 20 stupid question upon you.


yes, you have to go to that move remember person with a heart scale and he can recall one of your noctowls moves. to get a heart scale, go to the town with the daycare center and the moo moo milk. there will be a news reporter who asks you to bring him a pokemon, if you succeed then he will give you some rare pokeballs and a heart scale.
sorry but i don’t remember where the move remember person is. oh and his name is the move tutor. search it up on google

naisuke, pokemon master

yes all you need is a heart scale to give to the guy living somewhere (forgot where but its in the fourth badge town) and you can trade it for one of your pokemon to learn one move it forgot


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