Can nightmares be a way of spiritual attack? ?

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If you’re having bad dreams/nightmares, according to Christianity, are they possibly spiritual attack, or lack of God during them?
It’s funnny but I’m pretty much a baby Christian, and sometimes I want to just stop caring about it all for a day, not take the world so seriously and have fun.
So yesterday I went driving around, went to malls, and for fun put on a woman’s wig on and a cowboy hat and paraded around.
The way I see it is, the corporations that manufactured the products are bigger sinners than I. THey made it available. But in anycase I’m aware it’s a no no, but I wanted to have fun! Basically show that I don’t care, I’m living it up, I’m having fun, everyone lighten up!
However, that pretty much distracted me from God for the rest of the night and I even forgot to say my prayers. I basically felt sucked into “having fun,” moreso than being with God.
Then that night, which was last night, I ended up having the most horrible nightmares, unpleasant sleep, and just…felt so lost and disoriented like, what am I doing?
The dreams were basically my loved ones abusing me, and me being in a crisis, and trying to get out of it, but fighting so hard, calling 911 on my cellphone, the signal dying, it was just basically horrid dreams,and I wake up today to my dogs barking and yapping and trying to violently bite their way out of their metal cages which was weird.
In any case, I feel like I deviated from my faith for a bit, and wholeheartedly too, like i knew what I was doing was wrong and totally unchristian, but I did it anyway, in spite of that, and had a blast, and ever since then,
it seems like God went bye bye, and I might have invited some evil spirit or something to mess with me for a while.
I know this is totally ludacris in general, but I wanted to hear a Christian opinion on it?
lol with the poster who asked if I ate too much before bed. I DID!! I ate ALOTTTTT! I wasn’t aware that this could give us nightmares. lol.

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No. Your brain is perfectly capable of generating nightmares all on its own – no need to invoke imaginary supernatural entities to explain it.
And there are no gods in the real world.


I have been attacked by demons in this way before. It is absolutely real. But praise God………the devil has lost already.




Do not know

150 IQ

Somone woke me up the other night by calling me a big rigger. It was taking the micky out of me i think.


No evil spirit invaded you. Everyone has nightmares, even the most devote Christians. It’s all your brain’s doing.

Tony C

NO, you just ate too much before you went to bed. And you forgot to feed your dogs.


2Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. 4Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 5If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. 6But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. 7That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord; 8he is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does.


no, the day you realize there is no god that will be the happiest day of your life. When something terrible happens turn to yourself and realize only yourself will change it. Not a god that you have never seen


I have to say that God has helped me through numerous times when there was no way for me to do it alone. I can give you my word if you will research this and pray and read your bible for one month you will see. You have nothing to loose and plenty to gain so before you knock it you should try it.

Danielle Susskind

Guilt is a powerful producer of nightmares, and Christianity will give you heaps and heaps of guilt.


Many experts would tell you that you’re nightmares are caused by your subconscious revealing your fears and and the issues concerning you. I think you should see a therapist and confide these dreams you’re having to them. This way your fears will be out in the open and and will eventually vanish with time. As a Christian I would tell you that since we’re all human, we all lose our way sometimes. The best thing to do would be get these nightmares to stop and ask God for forgiveness


Can nightmares be a way of spiritual attack? ?
Absolutely, because they put fear in you, deprive you of sleep and most times leave you scared and emotionally, physically and mentally drained.
None of this is from or of God.
There may be some foothold you are letting satan try to sneak his dirty way in, or something may be happeninig in your life…
In anycase, read His Word, Pray and Plead His precious blood over your mind, spirit and body.
Ask Him to send His angels to be with you also as you sleep, minister and protect you and ..cover all yours with the same prayer.
…as I too have just prayed for you.
Quote through the day scriptures of peace…
And think on those things that are good, kind, pure, lovely, true, noble, worthy of praise and honourable, and the God of Peace shall keep your heart and mind in perfect peace.
And many others,
One from the Psalms is;
He who trusts in the Lord shall lay down and have Sweet sleep*
and my favourite of all Scripture is Zeph 3:17*


Having fun is not going to make God go bye bye and bring on Satanic nightmares. Yes, diet can cause nightmares and so can certain meds. If you are having Satanic attacks as nightmares, which I went through several years ago, taking authority with the blood of Jesus is what stopped mine.


That nightmare definitely does sound demonic. I have had my fair share of demonic nightmares…definitely unpleasant. Think of it as a lesson learned though. As a child of God you are stronger than any evil spirit through authority given by Jesus. If you are concerned about it happening before you sleep, ask God for protection and to guard your mind while you sleep.


Maybe your dreams are a result of a spiritual attack. But I also don’t see anything wrong w/ enjoying life.
There are ways to enjoy life w/out having to sin. What you did at the mall was just for fun. I see nothing wrong w/ it. The fact that it made you stop praying for that night is something else. Maybe it has to do w/ the fact that you are a “baby Christian”, as you put it, Or maybe it’s just something you’ll need to watch out for.

Randy G

You seem to be asking if your nightmares are a punishment of some sort, or a consequence of your behavior at the mall. I doubt that there is a connection between the two. Even if God was displeased by your actions during the day while you were wearing the wig & hat at the mall, you probably would have gotten pangs of conscience while you were doing it, not nightmares afterwards.
Every time something bad happens to you does not automatically mean that you are being punished for something. God allows trials to come into our lives to test us, and to make us stronger.
Satan might be trying to mess with your mind, but not because you wore a wig. He might be just trying to mess with you because you are a baby Christian, and he wants to see if he can make you doubt your faith.
If you did something wrong, ask God for forgiveness, and then ask him to help you with your nightmares. I wouldn’t read too much into it, however, as that might be how Satan is messing with your mind (Satan wants you to believe that God hates you).


this is acually something that i am going through. i am also a babe in christ, and i sometimes want to have fun and if i go to the movies or crack little jokes with friends, i sometimes feel i know something was inapprpriate concerning my behavior. i would go to sleep feeling guilty and as if god knows that i know better. i would have the most terrifying dreams about satan, out of body experiences, and death or torture. i pray about it though and although they dont go away forever, i can say that is DEFINITELY DEMONIC ATTACKS and it is not punishment from God, it is just maybe a small window we ourselves have opened up to the enemy and must take authority in the blood of Jesus Christ and CLOSE! i hope you soon find relief.


Spirits are real and are made of electromagnetic energy and light. Some are currently at war with humans over something that happened 20,000 years ago. These unfriendly spirits sometimes follow us and try to make us think we are going crazy. One of their technique is called “Hounds of illusion” in english. It energy they put into you to make you have nightmares. In Sleep Paralysis the symbol for this looks like art of a wolf howling with a green aura around it.
When in Sleep Paralysis look for patterns in your vision when your eyes a closed.


If u have accepted God as your one and only savior then nothing can touch you ! You are protected by the blood of Jesus, because that’s why he dies for us on the cross. So that he may give us eternal life in him. Gods love for us is unmeasurable!!! He knows that we will mess up. Hello he is God ! But what’s even more amazing is that he is still there willing to love us and forgive us. God doesn’t love u any less when ur sinning than when ur at ur holyiest, his love is the same. Just ask him for forgiveness and believe that he simply gave it to you through his grace. Don’t go about beating yourself up for it bc again.. He knows what we will do befor we do and he is still here giving us his mercy and love. Pray, tell him ur really sorry and ask him to help and guid you so that u can do things better for him. He listens. Trust me 🙂
God bless you and may ur dreams be sweet in The Lord <3


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