Can "night terrors/sleep paralysis" be more than just a medical diagnosis?





A possible spiritual attack?


  1. I think that it may be a little bit of both. I do believe that in some, maybe most cases it’s probably a medical phenomenon.. But as LONE said, there are striking similarities in descriptions of hallucinations among many of the victims/patients.. In my view it is totally feasible that some of these may be attacks. I know two people who separately, in different states even, had “night terrors” and envisioned a being or entity with a mask on with a mischievous smile and flames coming off of the head slightly holding them down and laughing and a sensation of “being drained”. Both people I believe to be very trustworthy folks..

  2. Cab be and some times related to psychosis as a side effect of some medication or may be kind of hallucination or some thing wrong with your believness as evil play role in it .

  3. The medical diagnosis is probably the correct one. I have experienced sleep paralysis on many occasions and each time it frightens me half to death, but I have never felt that something spiritual has occurred.

  4. Yes, it most certainly can. Many people these days don’t want to believe it though. One of the things that I find so incredulous about the “it’s just a medical phenomenon” explaination is that so many of the people who report it, no matter what country they are living in, what culture they are from, what language they speak, what century the report was documented in, they all recount an extremely similar “hallucination.” Frankly, the claim of such a wide spread “hallucination” casts serious doubt on the whole theory as far as I’m concerned. And I feel that continuing to deny the validity of the possibility of it being a spiritual attack isn’t helpling those who suffer from it.

  5. The body naturally goes into paralysis during the dream state, so one doesn’t hurt themselves while dreaming. Sometimes the mind wakes up, but the paralysis persists for awhile the mind awakes.
    Many things used to be attributed to denomic activity, spiritual attack before they were understood. Epileptic seizure used to be considered some sort of demonic attack. Now we know better.

  6. I don’t think so. I had them when I was about 13, and it was just something that happened to me while I was waking up. I don’t believe it is a spiritual thing or attack in my view.

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