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Can negative energy follow a person?

So, I’m going to ask a really weird question. I’ve been watching some “true” ghost stories, like A Haunting, etc. I noticed that in many of these cases at least one of the people in the house starts to take on this negative energy. They described feelings of anger, hate sadness, heaviness, etc.
So. I have suffered with these feelings since I was a child. Just randomly they hit me, no recognizable cause. I’ve been to plenty of psychologists and have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, which I have taken plenty of different meds for. One medication actually made me very hyper and talkative, but never actually got rid of my symptoms. I still feel sadness, anger, hate, and just a heaviness that seems to come from nowhere. Not always. But often. Sporadically.
My point is, could some kind of negative energy be attached to me? Like maybe this has nothing to do with a chemical imbalance. Could I have my own little “ghost”? Or maybe not even a ghost, maybe I just draw in more negative energy than the average person? I don’t know, just something I thought about after seeing what these other people claimed to have felt. lol I am not completely insane! I do not hear voices or see things. Just very open minded and trying to think outside the box.


  1. If you were diagnosed with anxiety and depression, then it would be normally your *downs* are negative energy.
    It isn’t something you carry around. It’s an emotional state. When you have negative energy surrounding you, you will feel that way.
    Have you tried meditation? It actually does help with anxiety and you CAN turn the negative energy into positive 🙂


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