Can my iguana see the future with her third eye?

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I think she also manipulates her environment with the force and uses telepathy to communicate with me. Although I don’t understand her highly evolved language.

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Sonic The Geekwad

dude lay off the acid


You need to see a therapist big time.
Their ‘third eye’ is to tell where the sun is, and when they’ve had enough uvb
It’s much like a snakes eye.
I agree with the other comment though
lay of the acid.

Winged Wolf

In general, she only detects light with it.
But you never know. 😀


I think your iguana is a goddess and should be worshiped by mankind

(insert name here)

Ermmmmm. i think you need to go to see a doctor, you nutcase.


nut case you answered your own question
YOU NEED TO SEE A THERIPIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Iguanas use the 3rd eye for protection from above (birds).
I really recommend you reading about iguanas.
Sites for you to read:
A great book to read and have on hand:
Iguanas for Dummies by Melissa Kaplan


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