Home Discussion Forum Can mediums see auras in pictures or just in real life?

Can mediums see auras in pictures or just in real life?


  1. I can only speak from my personal experience in seeing auras, but for me to see them I have to kind of look past the person (I usually look over their shoulder) to see it around them and I’ve never seen one in a picture but someone else might be able to do this.

  2. To answer your question, I know from experiences that some mediums say you can see auras in pictures and some say you can’t. The idea is pure folklore anyway, so you’re like to get a range of opinions, none of which can be supported by any factual evidence (since auras have not be demonstrated to exist, scientifically speaking).
    By the way, the “Auracam” is a complete scam, an outright fraud. It uses internal fiberoptic lighting to shine colors onto the instant film to produce the fraud aura images. Mysticism is perfect for scam artists looking to make quick money.

  3. From my research auras can be seen in pictures. I remember reading something about someone taking a picture of someone in India and seeing an aura. So i think that if you want to see a aura in a picture you cant use a digital camera just a regular one.

  4. Although not really to versed in the ways of a medium, I believe to have seen auras in pictures and video 😀 I just did it the same way as I would in person 😀


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