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Can meditation stop bad lucks from happening or curse? just curious, do u think chakra would be better?


  1. Meditation cannot stop bad luck or curses from happening. Personally, I don’t believe in either. However, when things don’t go right, meditation can help us deal with it better by putting us in a positive frame of mind. I am not clear what you mean by the question would chakra be better? You can align your chakras and open them; which would help you feel better and think more clearly which would, in fact, help you deal with the bad things better. I don’t know that chakra meditation would be any more effective than any other sort of meditation.

  2. If your bad luck means, karma ….. no.
    Nothing happens by coincidence (luck) there is a cause and effect.
    Meditation can overcome curse. However, that is only if you are a very advanced practitioner. Beginners, no.
    Disturbance by ghost, Buddhanusati (Reflection on the quality of the Buddha). Loving kindness against black magic (hate).

  3. Santhia
    A curse is a state of mind, not a reality. What you believe you stand a chance of experiencing.
    Meditation will help cultivate a healthy mind that would see such issues in their true light, so I guess yes.


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