Home Discussion Forum Can meditation really help you in soccer?

Can meditation really help you in soccer?

My social studies teacher told everyone meditation can help you improve in sports than just practicing. I want to become a faster runner and have a bigger kick in soccer. Will meditating about what I want to improve improve my performance than just practicing outside?
How do I meditate about soccer?


  1. Your teacher is right. Meditation can help but meditation is a hard work too. For meditation to be working, you need to have training, and you truly need to belive it from the butom of your hard, from your brain, from your soul.

  2. Better, or just as effective, is Emotional Freedom Technique. This is an energy meridian therapy with a ‘tapping’ protocol that is easy to learn and easy to apply. You want to improve ANY athletic endevor by decreasing performance anxiety and increasing your focus and confidence? Check out this +80% improvement to rugby kicking by using EFT> http://tinyurl.com/wqvk7 Be the first on your soccer team to try it!
    All the Best!

  3. Meditation and positive psychology has been known to help increase sports productivity. There are college classes such as sports psychology which teach all about this.


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