Can meditation make inactive supernatural powers active?

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Can meditation make inactive powers active by meditating? If so please tell me how. I don’t want any bad answer I want good answers.

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I heard meditating monks can raise their core temperatures, but that’s probably the worst super power ever.

M. Tsarkova

If it can control the supernatural, it wouldn’t be a meditation any more; it would be magic. Come on now.

Dedicated to Evolution

No, don’t be stupid… It is a tool used to loosen your mind into what Astrion called Tristate Reality or Resting Awake.
In other words, it is just a relaxing tool.


“supernatural” is superstition.
The concept if nothing but an excuse.
But, total effortless meditation can release potentials you had no idea you had.
It’s not supernatural. It’s not magic, it’s part of the universe.


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