Can meditation induce greater self consciousness?

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I’ve been meditating (vipassana) for a little over two years. The benefits I’ve achieved have far outweighed the negatives.
What possible negatives can be inflicted by meditation, you may ask. Well, often I’m aware of being conscious – not of consciousness, but of myself. This can often feel very heavy and intense. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I can do to become more conscious and less self-conscious?
My own answer to this is that I must have a very strong and negative self (ego) that is taking time to become fully aware of (not just during meditation sessions). I have always been one of those people who think way too much, analysing everything. Although, since meditating, this has lessened.
Thanks for your answers.

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When I talk to the Lord, it opens my eyes to just how much of a sinner I am & how bad I need the Savior, Jesus Christ.
So yeah, that’s a form of self awareness

Myth Buster

yup more than reading the bible or going to church


Meditation is good ….we need to adjust ourselves so that we are in tune with the important things such as nature…we were not made to fuck up the environment and breath in pollution everyday…sometimes we must just be anthropoids and worry about the essentails …what good is life if your only just chasing after it.


It all depends to whom are you meditating to. Are you meditating on God’s word? If not then you open the door for demon possession. Be careful.


More you meditate you become more away from this materialistic world and you think and analyze things less because you understand and perceive it deeply from the root.


Does your church talk about….?

-The Seven Universal Laws -Your Chakra and how it works -Meditation If they do not, what have you done through action or thought to correct this?

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