Can meditation help you understand yourself in a more than 3 spatial dimensions?

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The Joker

I exist in 7 dimensions without any drugs


I doubt it. It may make you more aware of concepts such as time (said to be the 4th dimension) but understanding where you yourself fit into time. I don’t think so. That’s not to say you shouldn’t meditate if you want to, I’m sure it has it’s benefits, but let’s not go into the benefits of medetating!


I don’t need meditation to understand myself in more than 3 spatial dimensions. All I have to do is use my imagination to upscale or downscale our dimensions.
Example: a little man drawn on the surface of an inflated air balloon lives in a 2-dimensional world. He is flat to us, just like the surface of that balloon. Whichever direction he travels in, it goes on forever, without an end. If he travels in one direction continuously he will end up in the same spot he started from.
This model can be used to imagine our 3D world in an extra dimension. It has been said that our Universe has no edges – if you carry on travelling in one direction you will end up in the same spot. It’s also expanding, but it’s not expanding into anything that could be outside it, because there is no “outside”. That’s in our perception, of course. For an imaginary observer in the 4th spatial dimension, our 3D world would look like the surface of that air balloon, and we would be those little 2D men.
Fascinating? It is to me 🙂


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