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Can meditation help a person manage their anger?

I’m interested in finding out how to meditate to ease the stresses and irritants of daily life. I need a step-by-step or how to on meditation. Any ideas?


  • Meditation can certainly help you to control anger.

    The whole aim of meditation is,
    1. to calm your mind, and
    2. to focus the mind on one thing.

    If you sit down and close your eyes you will notice that your mind is jumping from one thought to another. Even though you want to concentrate on your breath you will find other thoughts also coming in between.

    In learning to meditate you must first learn to calm your mind. You do this by following every thought that comes into you mind. You must be like a Manager of a Hotel who stands at the entrance and observes the customers coming in. Without getting attached to the thoughts try to observe them. You will find that a thought comes in and that it goes nowhere and another thought follows it – try following that too – with same results. This way you will find that your thoughts gradually subside. Do not try to force out your thoughts.

    Of course do not expect results in one or two days. Practise it for at least 40 minutes every day for at least 2 months you find that you have ‘killed’ your train of thoughts. I have practised for 1 1/2 years and still vagrant thoughts come in.

    Thereafter start concentrating on your breath. Notice the breath coming in and going out. You should not concentrate only on the tip of your nose. Notice the breath coming in and thereafter your lungs getting filled and then gradually exhaling the breath.

    After you finish that for the day start to think of a person or several persons whom you hate most. Having those people in mind start to think in a compassionate manner “may he be healthy, may he be happy, may he go up in life, may he live long”. Keep on doing this for about 10 minutes a day for a few months you will find that you do not get angry even when you have to get angry.

    You should be able to get some guidance from the following sites,

    1. http://www.dhamma.org/vipassan.htm
    2. http://www.meditationexpert.com/ and click on the free articles on yoga meditation – it includes articles on all types of meditations including christian and muslim meditation.

  • Meditation can help in every aspect of your life. The most simple way to start with..is to get comfortable, close your eyes…relax..imagine a set of stairs with a big soft armchair at the bottom..see yourself walk down the stairs, with each step take a deep breath in…and out…when you get to the bottom..sit in the chair and continue relaxing.

  • Meditation is a great way to manage your anger. I suggest going into Half-Lotus pose and staying as such for up to 10 minutes.

  • Yoga and Meditation does work to release tension and stresses of life. Check out books, DVD, and surf the net for how to’s. Once you get started you will be glad that you did.

  • stress is a common problem with people. if you stress of being tired, try to increase your energy so that you got power and deal make thing out. Energy make u active as you don have to concentrate alot.

    other kind of strees is social problem, you shall find backup to turn to. try not to be alone.still you need energy.

    If u are easily get angry cos of too much energy, try slower phase of life.

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