Can meditation have benefits for introverts?

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meditating sounds really appealing to me for a number of reasons but I feel like my mind’s too inwardly focused as it is, being an introvert. I’m not sure i want to practice turning my attention inward
what do you think?

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My sage name

An introvert is another why of saying your shy
Meditation can only be good if you do some soul searching to better your self awareness
Then you become more confident, you don’t have to be loud and aggressive to be quietly confidant

Bad bus driving wolf

If you are introverted, then probably meditation is the wrong thing for you. My guess is you need to do something that brings out the extrovert in you, maybe joining a drama group or a committee would help.

Hot Coco Puff אל שדי אוהב ישראל

If you choose meditations that help you build your self confidence, your inhibitions that keep you from being more social will be lowered, and you will feel more comfortable being around others, and less apprehensive about initiating dialogue.

Jack the Mack

Not all introverts are shy – I’m not. If it’s a personality trait rather than a social phobia, then I don’t see that any medication can help with that.


Being an introvert actually means that you have an excessive amount of neural (brain) activity, and so being in situations where you’re being bombarded with stimuli (such as at a party for instance) may be a bit much for your brain to handle. Because you think more than extroverts, meditation could help you to relax more properly.


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