Can Meditation cure my laziness?

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I am extremely lazy and a total loser in life. I started meditation (zen) and I was wondering if I Zen Meditation or meditation in genral will help me to focus on my computer programming and succeed?
I am 48 and have been that way most of my life.

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Codie T

lol wow sad i am 14 and i wish this would work for me but sorry idk

Citizen Justin

No, but it will give you something to do while you are being lazy.


i t might work and it might not, consult a medical doctor about other options

PC User

Doubtful, but that’s just from me. I don’t know how it would affect another person. Try it anyways, it’s a good and relaxing experience

Father Tucker

Right. Sitting on your butt will definitely help.
What you need is for someone else to give you a very hard kick in the @ss. No offence intended. . . but it’s the only thing that works when you can’t motivate yourself.


… you may be less susceptible to change, but meditation will definitely de-stress you


I doubt that meditation would cure you of laziness. However, a Marine Corp drill instructor could help you overcome it.


whatever gets you moving and makes you feel happy and motivated is worth the try.

Defy The Arrogance

At your age I doubt even crystal meth could get you going.

Hot Dog Returns

Latest copy of Hustler might motivate you.

Mike K

This contemplating your navel certainly can reduce stress but there comes a time where you still have to haul a ss and get things done be it study our hard physical work. Sometimes a poke in the butt with a bayonet, hard work at the gym and hitting the books is just as effective!
Michael Kelly


Yes. Meditation is a heck of a lot harder than it looks. Sitting around doing nothing is one of the most difficult things to do when you realize how intently our brains are always bouncing around in different directions. Accomplishing this will both help you build confidence by learning that you can achieve something, and the cognitive benefits from clearing the clutter out of your mind will allow your concentration to improve.


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