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Can meditation cause adverse reactions to those who are mentally ill; scizophrenic or migraine sufferers too?

Can it cause a relapse (headaches or hallucinations), with or without being on medication?
I am trying to find out about this for someone elses benefit. I do meditate and do yoga, and I enjoy both. I guess I just want concrete evidence to prove to a friend of mine. I was particularly interested in knowing about how Binural beats / “Hemi-sync” audio recordings affect these people too. Anybody know of any studies done? ‘NIH’ or ‘WHO’ reports?
This person I know, who won’t try meditation told me that they could not meditate because they said they could not succeed at it, which I know is silly to say. I know meditation is not about self improvement, and I tell my friend that they need not fear or worry about not succeeding when doing it. I know for myself that I don’t always have a ‘perfect’ experience every time. But now my friend changed their story and said that they don’t like to meditate because they experience disturbing thoughts or images. Now, my friend has not been diagnosed, but they are suspect to having symptoms of a mental illness, which we are not sure of right now. To make a long story short they are afraid to meditate. They fear a relapse. I totally respect the responses so far but it takes some clinical trials or something of a more scientific nature to really convince my friend here.


  1. no. meditation is really good for those issues you have mentioned. meditating takes work and practice. i can imagine it would be particularly difficult to clear your mind though if you had a migraine or were having schizophrenic hallucinations. but no, its a very beneficial thing. also check out yoga. it gives you a lot of the mental benefits of meditation, and also improves your mental well-being. lots of therapists recommend their patients try yoga/meditating before traditional meds. good luck

  2. There have been many studies on what happens during meditation. Our breathing slows down, our heart rate drops, and your blood pressure drops down. Your digestive system gets stronger along with your immune system and most of all for me my mind slows down enough that I can start to make smarter choices.

  3. Yes, but not for the reasons you think.
    The symptoms of both schizophrenia and migraines are of supernatural origin. Those who have the associated symptoms are just some of he saints spoken of in the scriptures, and in each case it is a singular entity, often referred to as the Holy Spirit, that causes them.
    During meditation, with the body and mind beginning to relax, the senses in effect start to shut down or become dulled. When this happens, the so-called lifting of the veil of the senses takes place. In other words, it is the biological senses that keep us from experiencing the unseen supernatural world. When the senses are removed (i.e. sensory deprivation) or limited we begin to take notice of the supernatural existence. This is even more prevalent to those who are intimately involved with the supernatural, such as migraineurs and schizophrenics.


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