Home Discussion Forum Can meditation be used as an alternative to sleep?

Can meditation be used as an alternative to sleep?

I’ve recently been feeling that we waste too much time sleeping, and I would like to try an alternate method.


  1. Sleep heals and regenerates our physical bodies. Mediation regenerates our spirits and rests our bodies.
    Continue to meditate but get your sleep. There is no substitution.
    But, you can program your subconscious mind to work on problems when you are are asleep and resting you body.
    Sorry, I can’t recommend a book to instruct you, though there are many out there. I learned to do this as a teenager.

  2. Sleep is meditation, but meditation is not sleep.
    The more you meditate, the less sleep you need as you become more relaxed and more energy is stored rather than wasted. However, sleep is still a requirement for your physical body to relax and rest.
    If you can achieve deep meditation, where you become detached from your body but remain aware, then, perhaps, sleep will become secondary.
    Try meditation with some music:


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