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Can Massage be used to give a patient Past Life Regression w/o hypnosis?

Has anyone ever heard of a therapist or shaman use a technique of massage to initiate a past life regression in an unhypnotised subject? Sounds like BS to me but I am curious….. Possible?


  1. You don’t have a past life. No one does. Try getting a message to make your current life feel better and stop focusing on this past life which does not exist.

  2. In my opinion its a load of BS.
    have you noticed how everyone who reports past life regression was a princess or emperor or someone in a position of power and influence?
    Just how many bloody princesses and emperors have there been?
    No one seems to have been a slave or a person of low status.
    What people claim to have been in past lives says a lot more about what they would like to be now than anything else.
    Thats my opinion. If anyone doesn’t like it thats tough.

  3. That sounds like BS sure.
    I can see where real information can become jumbled. Sometimes massage techniques can have an effect on a person to re-live forgotten memories. Nerves triggering suppressed memories.

  4. Wow you must be stupid for not knowing this!! Just like I am for ”not knowing math problems” hmm? Wow get off your lazy azz and ask someone who cares bitch!


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