Home Discussion Forum Can marijuana help one achieve astral projection easier?

Can marijuana help one achieve astral projection easier?

Jus wondering cus sometimes i get vibrations when smoking?


  1. Astral projection is caused by a paroxysm in the parietal lobes of the brain, causing an hallucinogenic experience of being spatially separated from one’s body. Psychoactive drugs also can –and are meant to–cause various vestibular and hallucinogenic effects.

  2. definatly i know alot of people that when they started smoking weed that had these vibrations and they felt like they were coming out of their body plus drugs like that relax you so i think it will definatly help

  3. I used to do this, but now I am clean and don’t use anymore.
    However, I still do astral projection clean. I had bad experiences with it while using.
    You could meet some unsavory characters in the astral while high.
    You just need to learn relaxation, breathing, meditation, then you can work on AP techniques w/o drugs.


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