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Can lucid dreaming make you tired the next day?

I was lucid dreaming over 4 different dreams last night that I remember.
And I find myself incredibly tired today.I woke up later than usual, and I just want to sleep more.

So can lucid dreaming make you tired the next day? Or is it just my new matress and less stress from anxiety and depression?


  • Usually not, but it does depend on what you dreamt of, and how much you (tried to) control and manipulate the dream. Lucidity itself doesn’t make you tired. Just think of how tiring nightmares are!

    It could be your new mattress, if you think it can be a cause. Also, if you sleep for too long, you can actually end up quite tired!

  • When I dream a lot, I find that I wake up extra tired and feel crappy the next day, usually with a headache. So I think it’s normal.

  • Yes! I have had it happen several times. I love dreaming and I even feel emotions and makes decisions in my dreams. Sometimes it can feel like an out of body experience. You are not alone!

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