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Can lucid dreaming help a person to have the same dream again?

Is it possible to have the same dream again, or have a dream that is almost like the dream they want to repeat, through lucid dreaming. I know lucid dreaming is when a person is aware that he/she is dreaming and thus control his/her dream, but if a person wants to repeat a dream that they have had in the past, could they do it through lucid dreaming, or at least put themselves in the environment of the past dream they want to repeat, through lucid dreaming, so that they could guide the dream to be as close as possible to dream they are trying to repeat?


  • I had a repeat of a dream I had more than 40 years ago.Never thought about it from the first time but just happened one night.Dreams must be stored in memory somewhere.
    Ever woke from a good dream and tried to sleep again to get back to it……..?Impossible.

  • Most likely…after all, you control everything..

    but of course you need to remember the dream that you want to recreate..
    to do this you need to access your memories.

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