Can lucid dreaming have an effect on your real world?

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Some people claim that certain things done while lucid dreaming help them improve in various areas in their real lifes. Is this true?

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The human mind is a powerful thing, and strong belief can make things come about. However, some mental illnesses make it impossible for the person to distinguish their waking state from their sleeping dreams. Very sad and not a good thing.


Lucid dreaming – well any dreaming in my opinion – can be of help to a person depending on which way they take things. I know that personally, I’ve had dreams where it was armageddon and the way in which I analyzed my life in the dream made me want to improve on those areas of life that I seemed to be lacking in.


Carol told me: “Last September I had a dream about winning the lotto, I saw the headline, Psychic Wins Lottery, and I knew we were going to win.
Follow this free – how to lucid dream – course and you will soon adventure into your own psychic zone.


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