Can less food and yoga help me to make my waist 30 in 2 months?

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I am running in my 18’s and I want to make my waist 30 in two
months. Can anyone tell me whether yoga will help me or no?

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how`s ur waist right now? we can`t know how long it`ll take if we don`t know how it started.

Maddy Waddy

How wide is your waiste now?
How much less food and how much yoga?


Yoga can certainly help in your endeavor. However, less food, while it may help in the short term, may actually cause you to gain more weight than you lose.
However, with proper nutrition and body cleansing combined, I’ve seen women lose 7-10lbs in 9 days or 20lbs in one month, safely and with relative ease. Men can lose almost twice this amount. The key is a program that both cleanses the body at the cellular level and that also has adequate nutrition.
The cleansing sets the body up so that when proper nutrition is introduced, the body is able to do what it’s designed to do – heal itself. Part of the healing process is the removal of fat which the body uses to protect itself from toxins in the body. The body cleansing process removes these toxins from fat cells and then the body will release the extraneous fat as it’s no longer necessary to hold onto it to protect the body.
The good news is that when you lose weight using this method, your body is in a much better position when you reach your weight loss goals. No longer does it seem like you have a ‘set point’ for your metabolism.
I can provide you with tons of proof that what I am saying is the real deal – feel free to email me.


The only way to lose weight is to consume less calories than you burn.
To lose weight, experts agree you need to exercise for at least 30 minutes at 60%-70% of your Max Heart Rate (MHR). A simple way to calculate MHR is 220 minus your age. So if you’re 45 years old, for example, your MHR would be 220-45=175. 60% of 175 is 105, and 70% of 175 is 122.5. So you should exercise daily for 30 minutes at a heart rate between 105 and 123.
You don’t need additional equipment–infomercial products like the Ab Lounger, Sauna Belt, etc. are all worthless gimmicks so don’t waste your money.
Eat breakfast, and eat five small meals per day instead of three big meals. If you don’t wake up ravenous, then you ate too much the day before. Stop eating at least two hours before you go to bed. Cut back on the foods you eat with high fat and high sugar content. Eat only single servings (read the label) with less than 3 grams trans fat and 3 grams sugars. Become familiar with websites like that contain good information on what to eat, including supplements.
Don’t consume alcohol–alcohol is nothing more than empty calories with no nutritional value. Some people will argue that alcohol has some health benefits when consumed in moderation–I’m not debating that–but we’re talking about weight loss here. Lay off the booze if you want to lose the belly.
Drink lots of water, then drink more. Not tea, not Gatorade, not milk. Water. If your urine isn’t almost clear, you need to drink more water.


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